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  1. Both Savanah Sparrows? The angle of the line on the malar stripe on the bird labeled Savanah Sparrow 2 made me question both. Thanks.
  2. What specifically tell you it is a Swainston Hawk? Beak size?
  3. 1- Golden Eagle? Arizona City- Very Large Bulky Bird. Standing by Great Blue Heron on the edge of a canal. 2 & 3- 15 minutes of preening and still going so hard to get good images of heads- cliff swallows with a Violet Green mixed in? Do swallows fly in mixed flocks? 3- Hermit Thrush? Landed a foot from and stared at me while photographing a Painted Redstart...not so hermit! Going with hermit due to rufous tail. Madera Canyon, AZ Thanks
  4. Yard in the Phoenix metro area this month. Have the Says and Black Phoebes down but find the other fly catchers difficult to differentiate. Please excuse the subject matter on the front view- have taken to leaving dog poop in the yard a day during migration. Have seen warblers and flycatchers feasting on fly larvae that appear in a day. Trying to hit the sweet spot between food and more flies!
  5. Tony Leukering- Thank you for the article. How long is a Coopers Hawk in a juvenile feathering?
  6. Correct, Avery: "So, considering both Sharpie and Coop together, the shortest and most-squared tails (often even notched) are found on adult male Sharpies, while the longest and roundest-tipped tails belong to juvenile female Coops. Please note that these are tendencies, not absolutes." My eye does not pick up the subtleties that you professionals can easily see- especially in flight.
  7. Madera Canyon, AZ Bigger Head and darker color than immature Sharp Shinned Hawk? Sharp Shinned have more flat tail? This weekend in AZ was raptor heaven...on every pole in SE AZ. Thanks
  8. Thank you, Kevin and Michael. Eventually I will stop doubting Merlin! Ill check him off my list.
  9. In a tree in the Phoenix Metro area this morning. Merlin is identifying a yellow-rumped warbler but it seems off to me. It may be right and this is an immature myrtle? Potentially a Virginia Warbler ? Slightly larger then the yellow Verdin pictured.
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