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  1. Sorry I didn't see this before, I'll reply later this evening. Here's another option for you to help get around: https://evo.ca/
  2. BRDL 152 甽 佞 佞佞佞
  3. BRDL 151 甽 甽 佞 甽 佞佞佞
  4. Why isn't that some sort of glaucous-winged thing?
  5. BRDL 150 佞 佞佞 佞佞佞
  6. As a fellow in the Royal Society of Using My Phone Too Much While Caring for the Baby I appreciate your efforts.
  7. BRDL 149 甽甽 甽 佞佞佞 needed the list to get there in the end
  8. BRDL 148 甽甽 佞 甽 佞佞佞 Good palate cleanser. Derived the code and only then realized I've recently seen it.
  9. There's a copy of the eastern north america version on thriftbooks that you can get for under $20 including shipping.
  10. My wife just got these for Father's Day for me and our young birders to be
  11. Well, failed what should have been straightforward.
  12. List for last guess BRDL 146 佞佞 甽 佞佞佞
  13. Never occurred to me how amusing this code is BRDL 145 甽 甽 甽 甽佞 佞佞佞
  14. I think @PMurphy you're in Vancouver, right? If so, in addition to Connor's comment above, based on the date this is almost certainly a White-crowned Sparrow. The Golden-crowned have almost entirely cleared out by that point - there have been two sightings of Golden-crowned in June in the last 10 years in Metro Vancouver: one in West Van in 2020 that is a song recording, one in 2012 up at UBC with the comment "seen well". (That said, until I looked at the date I'd been thinking juv GCSP for this bird.)
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