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  1. After all the weather conversations on this thread you may have noticed that all us Canadians are able to understand your weird temperature scale in addition to Celsius. Found a great example of why today when shopping:
  2. Early start to spring migration! Stay safe out there.
  3. Would confirm if the ABA were actively sadistic
  4. Just looked it up and they're using SBIG
  5. So @DLecyare we correct? (No rush)
  6. Hopped onto Instagram just now and this was the first thing I saw, ha
  7. Nice analysis except for this quibble - perfectly fine through the winter down the west coast unless California is being weird again
  8. I appreciate that you're trying to ID ducks flying a mile away. That's a real commitment to the craft!
  9. I'm getting photos from my parents in Toronto showing the dump of snow they got. There's a drift in their driveway up to the windows on one side of their car.
  10. Welcome @Tanager 101! Good luck figuring out who the actual young birders are on this thread and which of us are just young at heart.
  11. Adding to that I think the contrast is probably more important than the colour: here's a short-billed of mine from a couple of months ago where the remiges look significantly darker. (But this is more guessing than experience or knowledge.)
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