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  1. This hardly counts but it's interesting. There was a single long tailed duck, which would be a lifer for me if I'd seen it at the time, mixed in with this large raft of surf scoters. To give a sense of the scoters as a whole (in the middle here):
  2. Yeah I'm going to talk to the folks who keep the feeders today to get them down. Thank you!
  3. Hi, was looking at photos of the house finches at a feeder (Vancouver, BC) and realized a few of them are looking sick. Can you please let me know if this is likely to be avian conjunctivitis based on the pictures below? When I took a photo of that first bird I thought she was sleeping, which seemed odd, but now think she's doing the fluffed up thing that apparently birds with really bad conjunctivitis do. I'm going to contact the local wildlife rescue to alert them tomorrow. Please note that there's a local salmonella outbreak in the pine siskins that has them already requesting feeders
  4. Hi folks, just ran into this and wanted to share my experience in case this is useful to anyone else. I have a Nikon Coolpix B700 and love it, but it's got some major drawbacks. I like it for how portable it is, and I can get some good pictures. But the autofocus is slow, and the manual focus is quite tough to make work without quite a bit of practice. If lighting conditions aren't great sometimes it has a fair amount of trouble figuring out where I want it to zoom. The real issue though is that I *think* the combination of the smaller lens and smaller sensor with the long zoom means it's pret
  5. A few years ago now I got to see both a pissed off blackbird chasing some cranes around (they were in considerable fear, squonking furiously), and then a few minutes later watch a swallow flutter down and pluck a feather out of a duck's back.
  6. I was inspired by this thread to wander out to the wooded patch at the back of the community garden near me and do a list. Highlight was watching a Ruby-crowned Kinglet hop around on a tree right in front of me for quite a while. https://ebird.org/checklist/S79043693
  7. This is great, thanks so much everyone for your help with this.
  8. Thanks Connor. To be clear it's not the chirp I'm wondering about but the quiet tsweep following it.
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