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  1. The only place I've seen park rangers in Canada is the Vancouver municipal ones. They wear the tan coloured uniforms and everything.
  2. I'd recommend coming to Canada where the park services are so underfunded the park rangers exist merely as a myth. As of several years ago there were 7 full-time park rangers responsible for the 600+ provincial parks in BC, with forestry technicians and others with other full-time jobs deputized as rangers to make the numbers look better.
  3. I should give reasons. Hint of the facial pattern, bill looks longer/straighter to me, has a fuller-bodied look. All could be tricks of the angle of course but I wouldn't have even considered House if I saw it.
  4. Are we sure it's a house finch? If I saw that I'd call it a Purple.
  5. Those are always my favourite birding interactions, the random passersby trying to figure out what's so interesting and then slowly backing away from the nut going on about warblers.
  6. I hope you're aware that he's started publishing the occasional new one: https://www.thefarside.com/new-stuff
  7. Speaking of, when my (now) wife and I moved to Vancouver she was working at the university and borrowed some giant field glasses for us to take down to the beach to look at birds after work. So Friday afternoon in mid-summer we went down the stairs to Wreck Beach with these hilariously large binoculars around our necks, and realized that we'd both somehow forgotten it was a clothing optional beach. A wee bit embarrassing.
  8. No photo, but this evening I watched a wing of Canada Geese land in a field full of geese, and 10 seconds later from the same direction a Cooper's Hawk buzzed them only a few feet above, setting off a chorus of furious honking. That was funny enough, but the LOL moment is picturing a Coop actually catching a full-size ornery goose and trying to figure out what to do with it, while getting battered about. I'd imagine success would be something along these lines:
  9. Any more thoughts on the presumed Harlequins and Ring-billed anyone?
  10. I think I'll need to borrow Charlie's new eyes when he's not using them, because I certainly didn't see any of this until @blackburnianpointed it out. Looking at it now I can see the mask. Really didn't strike me as waxwings in person. Thanks everyone!
  11. Tail doesn't look long enough for all accipiter imo but I have no idea what it is. Agree with mystery raptor.
  12. Hi, today south of Comox BC. There were two of these fluttering between trees. Flew like finches. High pitched calls I didn't recognize, closest sound would be a Cedar Waxwing but not that. One finally flew into the open as I was getting into the car with my already irritated family so these are the best pictures I have. Help please!
  13. Hi, today south of Comox BC, at the Royston Shipwrecks. I can't quite figure out this gull. I have an it as a California Gull, but it looks funny to me, specifically the black wingtips. Can't see the legs. I've included the best but not very good picture I have of the back. Help please!
  14. Hermann's would be quite rare up here so I certainly wouldn't presume that.
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