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  1. Hopped onto Instagram just now and this was the first thing I saw, ha
  2. Nice analysis except for this quibble - perfectly fine through the winter down the west coast unless California is being weird again
  3. I appreciate that you're trying to ID ducks flying a mile away. That's a real commitment to the craft!
  4. I'm getting photos from my parents in Toronto showing the dump of snow they got. There's a drift in their driveway up to the windows on one side of their car.
  5. Welcome @Tanager 101! Good luck figuring out who the actual young birders are on this thread and which of us are just young at heart.
  6. Adding to that I think the contrast is probably more important than the colour: here's a short-billed of mine from a couple of months ago where the remiges look significantly darker. (But this is more guessing than experience or knowledge.)
  7. I'd call that a short-billed. Following Sibley: uniformly brown and low-contrast, brown underneath, brownish flight feathers, short little bill. Ring-billed would be greyer with more contrast overall and especially in the coverts, with blacker flight feathers. Looked at a bunch of photos in Macaulay and that's what I see there too. Great example and I'm looking forward to finding out what I'm missing!
  8. I've always thought ring-billed are blacker and mew are browner, and this just felt like a mew to me - looked cuter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Today in Vancouver. I'm just confused what this is with the mostly clean head and the dark tail, but pale wings. Help please!
  10. Hi, today in Vancouver. This very far away bird stuck out from the Glaucous-winged drifting with the current as noticeably smaller, but when it flew away it looked bulkier than expected (especially in the head) and had a big translucent patch in the inner primaries on the underside of the wing. Is this indeed a short-billed or have I misidentified please? First photo is with Glaucous-winged for scale, second a little closer view, third gives bottom of wing, 4th top, 5th is where the bird was by way of explanation how bad the pictures are.
  11. 5 and foggy in Vancouver, going all the way up to 7. Roughly the same yesterday but felt much cooler by the water.
  12. Hi, today off Vancouver BC. There was a small group of Surf Scorers with this lass traveling with them, who stood out. I think she's a Surf Scoter who just kept turning her head but can't entirely make up my mind. All three Scoter species are present in this location. In the third photo she's the left one in the group of three. Thank you.
  13. That non-birder's guide to backyard birds is the gift that keeps on giving
  14. I've reported the checklist for magic
  15. Aw geez is this going to turn into another thread about the best Buc-ee's locations?
  16. Here's another photo from the same quiz, and I think this is a great photo to include in the library. How often do we see photos in books of birds from this angle, vs. seeing them this way in the field? Person who saw it prior to me gave it one star. (https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/308561251)
  17. Here's a clear case of the wrong photo being uploaded. On the original checklist there's a bunch of photos of gulls mixed in with the crows. Sometimes these are obvious mistakes, rather than misidentifications!
  18. Oh! I can't imagine something so stunningly rare showing up and nobody finding it again, what a disappointment that must have been!
  19. Random question for the folks in this thread: do any of you know what the story is with the Sea Eagle in Texas? I went to look up the first sighting because I was curious how the person described something so outlandish, but there are no sightings on eBird in the state. Did they just leave it unconfirmed, or flag it as sensitive and keep off the map, or...?
  20. Personally I think it's cute to have the scoreboard but very unnecessary. I didn't start guessing immediately because I missed at least the first couple and felt too far behind, but then got over it quickly enough. I expect the most time consuming piece of this is recording the points each week in your scoreboard, but I'm wondering if a compromise could be posting the file each week (e.g. as a link to a Google sheet) rather than having to do the listing and formatting? Making that a bit more open source would also make it easier to share the task if you wanted to go that route.
  21. There's a major crow roost in suburban Vancouver, where many/most of the crows in the city flock home in the evening. The estimate is apparently 13-20000 of them. The roost has been developed and is now a semi-industrial / box stores kind of an area, and it's hilarious to see that many crows hanging out in e.g. a McDonald's parking lot. We have huge overflights of crows in the evenings - I was in a park one afternoon keeping a casual list and had to include 1300 crows in my count - an eagle flew across and had about 300 follow it to chase it off.
  22. Thanks everyone - I mis-ID'd it as a second cycle RBGU hence the questions.
  23. Interesting, thanks. I'm relying too heavily on Sibley.
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