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  1. Montezuma Wildlife Refuge (Upstate NY), mid September 2021.
  2. 08/16/21 Onondaga County, NY Blue Jay also in the photo for size comparison.
  3. I apologize for the size of the photo. This is fairly new. The photo was taken on 5/27/21 at the Montezume Wildlife Refuge in upstate New York. The bird appears to be a Black-Bellied Plover, which seems to be out of the normal range for this species.
  4. White female mallard, thought it was interesting. Male is also in the photo.
  5. Agree with the final pic, Northern Harrier.
  6. Not an identification, posted simply as interesting. The Coopers Hawk chased the squirrel across the yard, the squirrel found shelter under our patio table on a chair. The hawk gave it a few minutes, then departed. Location, Onondaga County (Syracuse) NY
  7. Sorry about that, the location is the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge located near Seneca Falls NY.
  8. Any help with an identification would be appreciated.
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