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  1. How did we rule out dark morph short tailed Hawk?
  2. Thanks so much, now that I have a DSLR I think I can finally get some! I always shoot in raw and edit every photo, I keep my shutter speed high as possible, and as f9r the AF points I use one pint for perched birds. For BIF is use a five five or nine point zone, but it tends to jump,p a bit. It usually jumps to the end instead of the head. I’ll have to experiment with the every AF point group tomorrow.
  3. Check this out! https://ebird.org/species/blwlau1
  4. Thanks. Not sure why it’s up, it’s not that good.
  5. Yeah, they are really cool! I really want one.
  6. It made me do the same exact thing! I got a used one, and it’s a great guide that I highly recommend!
  7. I think I’ve said this before, but your flight shots are amazing! Any tips?
  8. Why not chipping? That eye stripe looks too bold for WCSP, IMO. And the crown looks too red.
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