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  1. Talk about it, we don’t have any seabird colonies in our county. Closest is probably San Clemente island and the Channel Islands
  2. We are in potential Booby-land though!
  3. Breeding boobies? I don’t know about that.
  4. I still need one of those for my life list!😠
  5. We had many common terns, which were a state bird for me.
  6. Did you also have a pelagic today?
  7. Same with ours, actually. There’s only like three or four offshore hotspots, and two of those are general areas, like a three mile radius.
  8. No, nobody had a definite Arctic, and it wasn’t called out. Somebody thought my third photo may had been one.
  9. Are you guys comfortable saying they’re all the same bird??
  10. Thanks guys! Since it’s a least, and the “notched tail” is due to the angle, what makes you say least?
  11. That bird appears to have a notched tail, or is that just me? I don’t want you to think I’m arguing here.
  12. Really trying to learn my storm-petrels for future trips. What makes you say this?
  13. Thanks! They might not all be the same bird, not sure if you were aware or not. I can see them all being black though.
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