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  1. 1. Least sandpiper 2-3. Greater yellowlegs. I am probably wrong, though. So, wait for experts.
  2. I haven’t found their actual nesting spots yet because I don’t want to disturb them, but I know we have OCWA, HOFI, LEGO, SOSP, and maybe Allen’s hummingbird and Mourning dove. Possibly California towhee and bushtit.
  3. Spring or fall? I’ve gotta get there when I’ve got some free time.....unfortunately that time isn’t really during migration....
  4. Not sure what it’s called..... it’s just apparently what comes up when I click edit on my computer. I’ve never seen a name..
  5. Since I’m not an “ Old Timer” , I don’t understand that...sorry! So, I’ll give @Bird Brainthe win.
  6. Just wondering on some field marks for yellow legs vs solitary sandpiper?
  7. This. Your getting better than me at IDs for both of us being new birders....good job!
  8. It’s the quite opposite for me. I commonly see them in any habitat, but yes they do like marshes as well.
  9. This. But, you can’t say Anna’s is the most expected here...... we have an equal amount of Anna’s and Allen’s. We are the only area where Allen’s are year round residents. We might actually have more Allen’s than Anna’s.
  10. Nice shot! A good field guide could’ve easily told you the answers to those. Do you have one? Just wondering.
  11. I am getting hoodie vibes now...even though I’ve never seen one.
  12. Closer by color, but, no. And you know, I can’t find those things! Only once!
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