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  1. Robins are members of the thrush family. This happens to be a juvenile American Robin.
  2. I do agree that the pose is much better in the original shot.
  3. Never mind! It’s a fledgling orange crowned warbler.
  4. Hi, I just saw this thing in Orange County, Ca. I am still here, and am trying to re-find it. I will upload the real shot later or tomorrow, but am wondering if this is identifiable. Thanks!
  5. The colors of the birds is all wrong for Painted Buntings and House Finches. The structure is also wrong for any finch.
  6. I’m not expert. I’m still leaning willow, but definitely wait for the experts. @DLecy, any thoughts here?
  7. I do prefer your edited image over the original image, but I still prefer the linked photo due to what I stated in the post above.
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