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  1. It is in my yard, and I know that this is the bird that I have constantly had all year.
  2. Not sure if my editing is making photos better or worse.
  3. Yep. A breeding adult male American Goldfinch. Here’s a photo of a yellow cardinal( not my photo) goldfinch
  4. Ok, that’s fair. I count heard only birds on my life list. But if you want to only include them , if you see it, that’s fine.
  5. The first looks like a Female or immature Costa’s to me, but without the tail, I can’t be positive. How’d you rule out Broad-Tailed for the second bird? Sorry, I have little experience with any hummingbirds other than Allen’s and Anna’s.
  6. Least Bittern, #201. Been looking for one for quite some time now.
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