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  1. Go to the ebird homepage. That’s what shows up when you search ebird.org. Scroll down on that page untill you see it. You can click the arrows to move from page to page. Only a few get up there. It’s updated every hour, and your photo cannot stay up longer than 24 hours.
  2. @dragon49! Your photo is in the ebird top photos of the day! This is the thread we post on when that happens to someone on here! Congrats!
  3. I’ll be starting in otsego county, but will then be going to Rockland county and Long Island, two area I’m familiar with. But not for birding.
  4. Yeah, I meant not many species
  5. Thanks. I always use ebird targets for every trip.
  6. Thanks, I know. I just wanted all the migrants too, haha. Never seen a hooded, but I have seen a Canada here! here, from October.
  7. And here! They also got introduced here, and are doing well. ( I’m in coastal SoCal.)
  8. There’s not birds anywhere in the northeast in winter. I meant in the spring/summer/fall there’s more birds than you think.
  9. What he is trying to say is that if you got to a spot that looks like there would/could be a lot of birds, it might just be that it’s not on ebird yet. You could start the hotspot if there are a ton of birds. Also, I bet that there is NOT too few birds. It’s only that there is too few birders to be able to know just how many species there are!
  10. Note also the short tails as compared to sing sparrows.
  11. Those are Eurasian-Collared doves. Note the lack of black spotting on the sides, and note the collar on the neck, which mourning doves lack.
  12. @Aidan B did you get any good photos of the brambling? I can’t wait to see them! ( but not really).
  13. Nice shots! I’ll never tire of being jealus!
  14. Ebird is a different thing than this. The ebird organization is run by the Cornell lab of ornithology.
  15. Great bird for the east! Congrats!
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