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  1. Lifer CASJ today! P1040450.MP4
  2. The top of my dirt trail in my neighborhood. Got my lifer CASJ today here! Two of em!
  3. tuesday, orange county ca only photo i got thanks
  4. this is unidentifiable. It's either an american crow or a fish crow. Without knowing the voice on a recording, they cannot be tolled apart. This bird does not count on you life list. ( Well, most birders wouldn't count this. For ebird, best left as fish/american crow.
  5. on a totally unrealted post, have you seen a California Gnatcatcher north of orange county? The best spot for them in orange county is crystal cove sp(pelican point area), and upper newport bay nature preserve. (crystal cove is better). I am wondering if they live in L.A county. edit: wait, have you ever seen one?
  6. wait, is long-billed the freshwater one? If so, I am really thinking short-billed. Edit: wait, I've heard and seen long-billeds in salt, so nvm that.
  7. Sorry, i'd forgotten. @Bird Brainyou won!
  8. You can embed directly from ebird. scroll down to @Jefferson Shank's post about ebird photos. Plus, it doesn't count for an attachment , meaning you won't got over the attachment limit!
  9. Good idea. Emailed them before asking why dabbling duck sp is rare, and they just said that I neeed to add comments as it is a rare species.how odd is that?
  10. Yes, but it’s still showed as unconfirmed but it’s visible. See, all photos on the list are
  11. Ah, didn’t have my sound on because I thought it was just a video. Sorry!
  12. Same down here. Hey began breeding near me in December!
  13. Not too much going on here lately. I haven’t really birded since Tuesday, but yesterday I had another rufous hummingbird
  14. This. I have seen one MEDU and it did not have even a hint of a white tail. I like MEDU x Mallard here.
  15. How could you tell? Behavior looks nothing like a goldfinch to me. I like kinglet or passerine sp.
  16. That’s not an ebird option. Would you just put Anna’s/ costa’s? Because that it the option.
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