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  1. Warblers: 1) 2) 3) Thrush (I don't know if they're the same species): Sparrow:
  2. Trying to figure out if these are Northern Rough-winged Swallow or juvenile Tree Swallows, or maybe something else? Thank you!
  3. hi everyone, I'm wondering if my ID of this as a eastern meadowlark as correct or might be something else? Thank you!
  4. Hi! I found a bird that has very similar patterning to killdeers and was hanging around one too, but I'm having trouble IDing it. Thank you!
  5. Saw this dark brown bird among a bunch of house sparrows and was wondering what it is. Thank you!
  6. Hi, I saw this bird today and was wondering if it's a merlin? Thanks!
  7. Saw this today at Downsview Park and I'm having trouble IDing. Would this be a red-tailed hawk? Thank you!
  8. Saw a pretty big brown gull last month near Ontario Place in Toronto and was just wondering what species it was: https://imgur.com/ICfpZSi Thanks!
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