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  1. Stillwater (north central) Oklahoma, 10-12-21 Hard to tell scale, but seemed on the smaller side. Got a couple quick shots in poor light before it took off. Apologies for the low quality. Thx!
  2. Saw another recent thread from Texas. I've got a Vireo from north central Oklahoma ... This one isn't very yellow and the lores are sort of dark but not too dark. I'm leaning WAVI, but not 100% sure. Thx!
  3. One of my friends says "just wait until spring when they call much more frequently" ... but now it's a personal quest to get the iron-clad ID in 2021. This is my white whale!
  4. My birder friends have heard it vocalize and ID'd as Alder -- an hour after I've left the local park where it was silent for me! I've been trying for DAYS to hear it make a sound. I got one faint recording, which isn't very good. (WAV file uploaded) ... Teal-Bird.wav
  5. This little bird has even some seasoned experts I know going back and forth, as it's giving off some Eastern Wood Pewee vibes. Thoughts? I got lots of pics from close range in various lighting as it enjoyed the local butterfly buffet -- and also had a Bell's Vireo stop by to say hi. Stillwater, Oklahoma (8-24-21)
  6. Spied these two hanging around some Canada Geese in Stillwater, Oklahoma July 29. Just want to confirm that they are both Long-Billed? Thanks!
  7. Any thoughts on this little guy in the middle. Faraway shot -- sorry for low quality image. I have an educated guess, based on another person's ebird checklist from same day (today, 4-3-21) just west of Oklahoma City, but I'll save it because I'd rather get unbiased expert opinions. https://ebird.org/hotspot/L4471387 Thanks!
  8. A friend just suggested Meadowlark ... and we had 5 Eastern Meadowlarks around the feeder this past week during the deep freeze.
  9. They are the same color as my Harris's Sparrows, but presumably too wide for that. I also thought Woodcock might be a possibility. Roadrunner?
  10. North central Oklahoma (rural yard) ... Length is about 1.5" from the squared off tip to the downy base. Any idea what bird these came from? 2-21-21 (excuse the dry, winter fingers ... yikes)
  11. Thanks, everyone! Appreciate the expertise. Big winter storm moving in to Oklahoma, so who knows what else will show up.
  12. Hello again! Okay, this may settle it ... I went out to the same area and hoped to see it again 4 hours later. What I saw was a flock 10x the size that just took off. I sprayed and prayed ... just hoping to get some of the white Ross's or Snow geese in the shot and see if other morphs were among them. I got what could be the same bird on the edge of the first frame. It's not in any other shot from that group. (Stillwater, Okla., by the way) ... See attached.
  13. Sorry for poor quality of photos, these were shot from far away. Took them initially to see if some Snow Geese might be among the Canadas. And, there are two Ross's, and some Cackling. But a friend pointed out the 3rd one from the end on the bottom of the "V" ... lots of white on the head and a stockier neck. Thoughts? North central Oklahoma, 2-12-21
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