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  1. Okay, last one for a while -- I promise. From Braulio Carillo national park near the ranger station. I think these are the same bird, but not 100%. Thanks again.
  2. Both from the Monteverde region. First is a pretty little bird in the valley with blue/green feathers coming in. This other dark one was from a Selvatura hanging bridges walk ... shot in the shadows, so can't get a good feel for the colors. Thanks!
  3. This little black bird was foraging around on the ground near the Arenal Observatory Lodge. Didn't get a good look at it's head/bill. This wing shot should be diagnostic, but I can't find a reference online. Variable Seedeater, perhaps? Thanks for the help.
  4. Not great pics, but this was among some Forster's recently at Lake Carl Blackwell in north central Oklahoma. Could it be a Common Tern?
  5. I don't want to bias the expert answers and would rather get a fresh ears on it. If you want me to share the likely possibilities, I will. Definitely not rare, but wondering if a particular Warbler species comes to mind. I've spliced two together (they have bad background noise, sorry). North central Oklahoma April 30, 8:00 am. Bird-ID..m4a
  6. Stillwater (north central Oklahoma) ... Had mixed reviews from some very accomplished birder friends. Wanted to get your thoughts and expert opinions. Thx!
  7. Thanks, everyone … Oklahoma may be flyover country (literally) but we get some good rarities from time to time. I was hoping to find an Iceland in that group today, but ended up with something better. Cali is a lifer for me!
  8. Oklahoma City today, on the shores of lovely Lake Hefner, amid a large flock of Ring-Billed and a few Herring ... Is this a California Gull or just a young Ring-Billed? Appreciate the help.
  9. Stillwater (north central) Oklahoma, 10-12-21 Hard to tell scale, but seemed on the smaller side. Got a couple quick shots in poor light before it took off. Apologies for the low quality. Thx!
  10. Saw another recent thread from Texas. I've got a Vireo from north central Oklahoma ... This one isn't very yellow and the lores are sort of dark but not too dark. I'm leaning WAVI, but not 100% sure. Thx!
  11. One of my friends says "just wait until spring when they call much more frequently" ... but now it's a personal quest to get the iron-clad ID in 2021. This is my white whale!
  12. My birder friends have heard it vocalize and ID'd as Alder -- an hour after I've left the local park where it was silent for me! I've been trying for DAYS to hear it make a sound. I got one faint recording, which isn't very good. (WAV file uploaded) ... Teal-Bird.wav
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