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  1. Three different birds at Arrowhead Marsh, MLK Shoreline, Oakland, CA, Nov. 16.
  2. Soaring without flapping on a thermal together with two Red-tailed Hawks and six Turkey Vultures. San Leandro, CA (East Bay), Nov. 16. It seemed smaller than the Red-tails, as the Red-tails were smaller than the TVs.
  3. I'm thinking Red-tail. Eastern Red-tails don't have decidedly dark patagials, and at this angle we don't get a good look at the leading edge. The underwing pattern is right for a Red-tail, including a sort of large trapezoidal light patch inboard from the tip; Red-shoulders have a crescent. Soaring with the wing-tips splayed upwards is also a RT characteristic There is evidence of a Red-tail's black-spotted "belly-band"; adult Red-shoulder would have brick-colored barring. Above all, a Red-shoulder's underwing would be checkered.
  4. (2) Sunday before last, October 11, 8 a.m., Mitchell Canyon Road (GPS 37.91724, -121.94580), Mt. Diablo State Park, CA: loud, repeated 2-note “wolf whistle” from overhead. It had the right pitch, character, and loudness to be an Olive-sided Flycatcher, but it was consistently two notes only, not the familiar “Quick, three beers!” More important, the first note was higher in pitch than the second, unlike the first two of an OSFL. It went “What year!” with the first note slightly up-slurred and quickly cut off, the second beginning somewhat lower in pitch, slightly down-slurred, and longer-
  5. Can I get an ID in response to a narrative, no photo? I have three situations (one about a vocalization, the other two mainly about behavior). Let’s see how it goes. (1) Yesterday morning (October 20), 7 a.m., Berkeley, CA (near North Berkeley BART station) seen without binocs or even my glasses through a hazy back window: a sparrow-sized bird with a sparrow-like bill flew in and perched about 20’ away, atop the 15’ high hedge, facing me in neutral light (prior to direct sunlight). Plain pale throat, breast, and belly, dark bill and legs, no particular head or facial pattern, and I c
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