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  1. Wow that was fast! Thank you so much Tony! I had no idea the juvenile would look so different from the adult
  2. We saw this bird in the first week of September in southwestern Wyoming in Bridger-Teton National Forest. This is a high elevation forest area with mostly evergreen trees. This bird was out at most times of the day but we took this picture in the afternoon. There were at least two of these birds soaring around above us for quite a while. We saw many Red Tailed Hawks and thought they looked very different from this bird but perhaps a similar size? We thought it would be easy to identify with both the top view and underneath view however we are new to birding and have tried to identify
  3. I am not sure how to delete a post (maybe there isn't) but I got it figure out. I was apparently not logged in, oops!
  4. I am trying to post to the forum to get help identifying a bird but can't seem to get the photos into the post. I have tried dragging and dropping and also to link to google photos without luck. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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