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  1. hbvol50

    What Sparrow?

    Agree with white-crowned, an immature bird
  2. I agree with your ID's up through #5. Pass on the rest. I assume you don't need confirmation on the long-tailed ducks in photo 5.
  3. Yesterday Nashville TN Huge crop and a rainy day but pretty sure this is a Pacific Loon which was reported by others at this location. Loon, For ID by hbvol50, on Flickr
  4. hbvol50

    Share Your Best Photo of the Day

    Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge American White Pelican by hbvol50, on Flickr
  5. with that big bill, I would say leucistic common. Neat bird!
  6. The only viable possibility are house finches!
  7. hbvol50

    Name that falcon?

    Great capture!!
  8. Today south of Nashville TN. Both Swamp sparrows? Bird 1 Sparrow for ID by hbvol50, on Flickr Bird 2 Sparrow for ID by hbvol50, on Flickr Sparrow for ID by hbvol50, on Flickr
  9. Today in Nashville. This duck was much smaller than the gadwalls it was with. Pretty sure it's a teal. Green-winged or blue-winged? Teal, For ID by hbvol50, on Flickr