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  1. 5 is a black-headed grosbeak, 2 and 4 look like young brown-headed cowbirds. 1 looks like a grackle of some type. 3- maybe a starling
  2. Swallows often use found feathers to line their nests. Maybe these feathers just got stuck to this bird
  3. Little Blue on the right, Cattle in the center. Left-hand bird is difficult but bill looks too yellow for a little blue
  4. Thanks. I thought I had definitely lost it if it was a great-crested.
  5. Today south of Nashville Maybe juvenile E. Towhee?
  6. Yesterday and today south of Nashville TN Which sparrow?
  7. Today, south of Nashville TN Poor photos
  8. Red-tailed, note the belly band
  9. Today, south of Nashville TN Female or fledgling?
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