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  1. Isn't the primary projection a bit short for a Pewee?
  2. Helmetted guinea fowl, yes it's domestic in N. America
  3. Thanks that was what I thought. Lesser scaup, I think
  4. Today in Franklin TN I assumed the duck in the left background is a female canvasback. Is the duck in the right background a female ringed-neck or a scaup? Canvasbacks by hbvol50, on Flickr
  5. tough to tell for sure but I would say Northern Harrrier; long tail, looks like a white rump and I have often seen them hunting at dusk.
  6. agree except I would say 2 is red-throated loon and 3 could be red-throat or common. Tough call
  7. Agree with harrier for #2. Leaning red-shouldered for #1
  8. Sea Pines South Carolina?? Certainly looks like an Ash-throated FC. It would be way out of range but I had one in Chattanooga TN about 4 years ago so it's not impossible
  9. Western gulls but wait for more input
  10. 1. Pass, but not a vireo 2. chipping sparrow 3. Cooper's Hawk 4. pine warbler
  11. Today in south of Nashville TN. Swimming with ring-necked ducks and buffleheads. Just another ring-necked? for ID by hbvol50, on Flickr
  12. appears to be a Ross's goose in right foreground also
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