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  1. I observed this sparrow near Mt. St. Helens in Washington. I assumed it was a Fox sparrow initially but it's a Song.
  2. Today in Nashville. This bird seemed quite small and had a round head and I thought it might be something out of the ordinary. Looking at the photos I'm thinking its's another Eastern Wood-Pewee .
  3. anyone have any idea what this is??
  4. Today in Nashville TN Maybe Tennessee for #1. No idea on #2. Maybe someone can ID based on the undertail. 1. 2.
  5. 2 on right look like Lesser Yellowlegs
  6. I lightened the area nearer the tail and it appears white. What about a Tennessee?
  7. To me, the bill looks too long and sharp for Pine. The whitish throat is interesting.
  8. At least I think it's a warbler. Today in Nashville. Only shot
  9. This morning in Nashville TN Maybe a Tennessee?
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