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  1. Looks like a Myiarchus flycatcher. In Montreal it's likely a Great Crested Flycatcher but without seeing the underside it's impossible to totally rule out other Myiarchus.
  2. Female/non-breeding Scarlet Tanager. Bill is different and wings are dark
  3. Today, south of Nashville TN NRWS or juvenile of another species? There were adult Barn swallows feeding nearby
  4. 2nd bird looks like a juvenile bluebird. Western Bluebird I assume
  5. Today, south of Nashville TN. I don't often see Song Sparrows on utility lines
  6. My first reaction was "flycatcher!" but I can't match it to one exactly
  7. It certainly looks like a bobwhite but in W Oregon it's most likely an escapee from a farming operation.
  8. http://forums.whatbird.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=45662 I should be able to ID this call but just can't dredge up the right memory. Today southeast of Nashville TN Bird calls 3 times
  9. Very good. I'm getting better at these guys
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