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  1. Along the Lake Trail around bench 11 or so on the lake side. Frank Fekel also had one in the trees new the house
  2. Well that's what I thought when I saw the pic. Other birders were saying Parula
  3. This morning in Nashville Exposure cranked way up
  4. Not sure what this is; this morning in Nashville
  5. Yes, I think it's a female. Get more input
  6. Pretty sure the out-of-focus in the 3rd pic is a Maggie, for size comparison
  7. Nolensville TN First 3 are the same bird for sure; last only likely is but not positive I thought Least, but bill looks a little large
  8. Thanks. Completely forgot about Parula.
  9. Thanks. Bay-Breasted is what I would say if I had to pick something.
  10. Today in Rutherford County My thought was Lesser Yellowlegs
  11. Murfreesboro TN 1,2,3 Blackburnian? 4 & 5 No clue, maybe un-ID'able
  12. Today in Murfreesboro TN 1 &2 Tennessee? 3. Bay-breasted?
  13. Today about 25 miles south of Nashville Semipalmated or ???
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