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  1. They were hitting baitfish and when I went back by fishermen had parked over the area and birds had moved
  2. Thanks. Common had been reported at this location
  3. Bird lacks the white eye ring of a Vesper
  4. Today in Smyrna TN, Percy Priest Reservoir First 2, Forster's? Second 2, Common?
  5. I'm far from expert but I would lean to Yellow-bellied
  6. I think you may be correct. The more I look at it, the bill seems a bit large for a Least. Merlin's ID was Least with Acadian as second choice.
  7. Under-tail should be yellow for and Orange-crowned. Tennessee I think
  8. Today. In dense undergrowth only shot that I got. Ideas?
  9. I do believe these are two different birds. First has one buff and one white wing bar; second has two white wing bars
  10. Today in Nashville. Second photo may or may not be the same bird.
  11. Smaller than even the house finches feeding at the same time.
  12. This morning near Nashville. Indigo is all I can come up with.
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