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  1. Today in Nashville. Female or young male or young female? Could be 2 different birds
  2. Agree with N. Mockingbirds. Remember lots of youngsters around right now so that may account for the scruffy plumage.
  3. Today in TN Am I correct that this is a first year male?
  4. Habitat was patchy woods and fields which might favor Summer somewhat
  5. I thought about that but bill seems too small. but you are right, could be either.
  6. Today south of Nashville Are these birds adult females or juveniles? The BLGR was being fed by an adult male
  7. Today south of Nashville TN First thought was Orchard Oriole but now not. Poor photo
  8. 5 is a black-headed grosbeak, 2 and 4 look like young brown-headed cowbirds. 1 looks like a grackle of some type. 3- maybe a starling
  9. Swallows often use found feathers to line their nests. Maybe these feathers just got stuck to this bird
  10. Little Blue on the right, Cattle in the center. Left-hand bird is difficult but bill looks too yellow for a little blue
  11. Thanks. I thought I had definitely lost it if it was a great-crested.
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