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  1. Unexpectedly close call on a juvenile bird. Yes, I think the primarily white-stripes-on-dark-field look of the tail confirms Red-shouldered.
  2. Congratulations on a spectacular lifer and a wonderful photo. This is a hatch-year juvenile light morph Rough-leg. Slight brownish tinge to the otherwise black-and-white color scheme, nice solid belly-band and "wrist" patches, smudgy-gray terminal edges of both tail and wings, pale eyes.
  3. Any particulars you can offer? Such as where (North America)?
  4. [Reply from mike94703] Connor, Avery -- More robust and different pattern from Wood-Pewee. Re/ Olive-sided, that's what I was kind of hoping, since I've never heard anything but the 3-note call. However, there is still the problem that the Olive-sided's higher-pitched second note is also the longest-drawn-out of the notes, whereas what my bird was doing was an initial higher-pitch note that was brief and abruptly truncated. I'm this close to adding OSFL to my eBird report, but I'll hold off until I get that issue resolved. Thanks! Mike
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