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  1. Thanks, there were a lot of them. Thought this one might be something slightly less common.
  2. Well then, it is a bird normally seen at that feeder. Somehow the coloring looked different to me. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies. House finch was obviously way off. Extreme novice me thought that a Baltimore oriole is more vividly black and orange than the bird whose picture I posted. But following up on your corrections I see that the female (as is the case with so many birds) has duller colors. So do you agree that it's a female Baltimore oriole? (I've seen male Baltimore orioles at this location and nearby over the years, but don't recall seeing this less vividly colored one. ).
  4. Shot today in Lansing MI. Puzzled by the tail and breast color.
  5. Taken in January '06 in Miami FL. (An adult yellow crowned nh was present).
  6. Ancient (Jan. '06) shot in Broward County FL
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