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  1. Have been advised it’s a female Black-and-white Warbler.
  2. This bird showed up in the background of a trail cam photo at a bird pond. It was taken 3 days ago, in Merritt, North Carolina. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks, all. I appreciate having this forum to help with mysteries.
  4. This bird was busy preening its breast atop a tree on Saturday morning in Seaside, Oregon, so the fluffy grey breast might not be representative. Any help appreciated.
  5. Recorded this audio last Tuesday 8/15 at Tennant Lake. Sounds like a Vireo, but don’t know which one. Used iPhone app Voice Record. Thanks for your help!20190813-111152ok Vireo.m4a
  6. Got these two shots mid-morning today, assumed it was a Red-breasted Sapsucker, which I have see at this location. But the head looks wrong. Is this just a weird molt?
  7. Saw this bird circle several times above Toad Mountain, then fly off with a second similar-looking bird. Thanks for your ideas.
  8. This bird routinely feeds at feeders in Santa Cruz County near Rio Rico, AZ. Is it a female Costa's Hummingbird? Thanks for your help.
  9. Good point about the seeds. The White-winged Crossbills last week were feeding in evergreens, which I think is more common.
  10. I definitely am more comfortable with that than the White-winged Crossbill. I saw a flock last week of them and they moved the same way as this flock, which had lots of American Goldfinches in it. Thanks again.
  11. By Jove, you might be on to something there. 😉 Thanks for the reality check.
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