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  1. Thanks Conner. I guess that’s what happened. As there are a few differences perhaps it’s a hybrid as you suggest. Amazing to see such an unusual bird in our garden.
  2. Thanks for your reply Conner. The one in our garden had the same colour green on it’s back but a bit lower down. The head was brown with a wide stripe on the back of head and a paler ring around the neck. The chest was buff. Oh and the beak was very pale?
  3. Just seen a very unusual bird in my garden in n Cardiff, South Wales UK. First thought it was a male chaffinch. But it’s a bit bigger with a long tail. Most distinguishing feature was a very bright green area on its lower back! Obviously not a native UK bird. it’s been very windy so perhaps blown of course. Can’t find anything like it in my Collins UK and European bird book? Anyone got any ideas?
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