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  1. Thanks, the difference was pretty pronounced compared to the regular male mallard also in the pond. Here’s another photo of it, maybe a bit less over exposed?
  2. Saw this duck today on a freshwater pond in Monterey, I think it’s a Mallard - but why is it brown & white?
  3. Thank you very much for the link, there were two & I didn’t realize one was banded until I got home just now & enlarged my photos.
  4. I’m pretty sure this is a Snowy Plover, but it appears that it’s been banded, it’s the first time I’ve spotted a banded bird & would appreciate any information about that.
  5. Spotted this solo small bird scurrying around & bobbing it’s head in the dry sand part of the beach in Pacific Grove yesterday afternoon. All photos are the same bird. Snowy Plover?
  6. Thank you, it was a beautiful bird, more ‘golden’ than the Black Bellied plovers I’ve been seeing lately & when I saw it I thought that’s a bird I’ve not noticed before. I’m often confused about birds because I know so little and getting into the weeds w/ male/female/breeding/non breeding/juvenile plumage makes my head spin lol. I so appreciate the help folks on this forum provide when I become confused.
  7. I thought these were Black Bellied Plovers, except for the one in the first photograph - which Merlin id’ed as a Pacific Golden Plover? All were along the beach/rocks near Pacific Grove CA this morning.
  8. Thank you. At least I ‘know’ the Black Turnstones (& the Ruddys) because I’ve seen them a lot. The Phalarope I was pretty sure about because I asked about one I saw 2 days ago, but it’s nice to know I got that one right this time! Sandpipers are going to be a work in progress for me.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate the help. Sigh, I even studied my Western photos from early July & tried to research, I think I’m just a really slow learner when it comes to birds lol.
  10. In beach wrack today mid day, second photo it’s w/ what I think is a Phalarope - for a size comparison..
  11. I saw your post - your photo is much better than mine 🙂 I think you’re an hour + north, I saw this guy around 9 a.m. at the Spanish bay end of Asilomar beach.
  12. Sorry for the poor photos, but this guy scurried away & it was overcast/low light this morning. I noticed it because it looked ‘different’. It was alone near the surf at low tide. I’m thinking maybe a Phalarope, but I’m such a novice it could be a returning Sanderling in plumage I’m not used to seeing, or even a Sandpiper I haven’t learned yet…argh. Thanks for any help.
  13. Thank you, that was one of a couple I thought it might be.
  14. I snapped these photos because from a distance thinking I’d be able to figure out what they were - but can’t seem to, any help would be appreciated.
  15. I’ve been returning to the same spot in Monterey to work on my Sandpiper ID skills & today I got this blurry shot before the bird scurried into the foliage - is this one a young Killdeer? It’s about the same size as the Sandpipers & I’ve been seeing/hearing 2 adult Killdeers in the vicinity.
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