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  1. Thanks & sorry, I thought I was supposed to indicate location w/ the tags in the title? I’ve been seeing them for awhile on Asilomar beach in Pacific Grove near Monterey CA & was pretty sure they were Willets, but wanted confirmation from the experts since I’m pretty clueless about bird ID.
  2. Thank you, I am very much a novice and it’s so nice to have folks willing to share their knowledge to help me learn a little more.
  3. Thank you - that was one of a couple that I thought it might be when I tried to figure it out.
  4. I saw this small bird (3 or 4”) mid morning today hopping around the top of a shrub (coyote brush) along the coast in Pacific Grove/Monterey CA. I’ve tried to figure out what it might be, and think it’s a warbler, but am lost as to which one.
  5. I’ve been seeing these the last week or so N. of Asilomar beach in Monterey/Pacific Grove. They are 6-9” or so tall. Beautiful birds, I’d love to know what they are. Thx.
  6. I’m very inexperienced at recognizing birds. I’ve seen this hawk the last couple of days midday along the ocean just North of Asilomar state beach Pacific Grove/Monterey CA. In looking at pictures on the internet it looks like a red tail, but I’m not sure it’s big enough? Maybe red shouldered hawk but I can’t find one w/ so much white on it’s breast? I’ve not been able to catch a photo of it in flight yet. Thanks for any thoughts.
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