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  1. While technically different photos, the point is well taken. I apologize for the lazy culling of the photo herd here...
  2. Had a great day trip out there (only about an hour and change from my house). Just wanted to share this close encounter of the feline variety I had (2nd time since I started birding). It's like this: I was on the Auto trail loop, had pulled over to a designated stop along a long straight away in the road, had turned my engine off for about 5 minutes with the windows down trying to decypher a bird call I didn't recognize, then caught this Bobcat out of the corner of my eye walking around a blind corner about 100 yards out and then down the road towards me (from the upwind direction) as if he
  3. Pictured in the immediate foreground, at least in the first photo, is a Dowitcher. This thing towered above it, whatever it is...Willet?
  4. I'm thinking I don't have enough here to ID, but please do tell if you feel differently about it.
  5. @SeanbirdsI was having trouble myself. If you can stand it, please hit play and wait up to 60 seconds for what appears to be excessive buffering time requirements on this one. (i think it shot it in 4k which is making it load very slowly unfortunately).
  6. @SeanbirdsI guarantee you're a lot less wrong than me most of the time, so your help here is greatly appreciated. What do you make of that call though?
  7. If Broad-winged that makes another new lifer. I gotta say, this is my first spring ever amateur birding, and I now know why all the birders seem to love it so much - very exciting outside these days! (started listing late last May in earnest, which might as well be summer around here, lol)
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