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  1. seems like a group of different birds chasing after the same insects? This is another bird in the same group as the others:
  2. I am guessing Eastern Kingbird. SE Pennsylvania Yesterday.
  3. Annapolis Md earlier this year. seems like a female house sparrow but the bill is very dark?
  4. Taken yesterday over Chesapeake Bay Maryland
  5. Taken at Bombay Hook Delaware last week. some sort of flycatcher?
  6. Taken January at Forsythe Wildlife refuge, Brigantine, NJ. I am guessing juv herring gull?
  7. Taken in January at Forsythe Wildlife Refuge in Brigantine NJ.
  8. Taken this January at Forsthye Wildlife Refuge in Brigantine NJ I am guessing green-wing teals, even tho it looks blue.
  9. Seems like a very light female house sparrow? SE Pennsylvania last April...
  10. taken December SE Pennsylvania. We got a lot of them all at one time as we do almost every winter. This one just looked a little different. Thanks .
  11. Bill looks too sharp for pine siskin but not sure what this would be. Also the black around the neck?
  12. At first I thought this was just another red-tailed hawk. But looking at the banding on the tail, not sure if broad-winged? Taken in December in South Jersey
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