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  1. On the far left with the goldeneyes for size comparison.... any idea? Snow Goose I guess?
  2. the head and beak look a little big for me that's part of my concern...
  3. Hi all, I initially thought this was a Golden but now thinking juvie Bald. Thoughts? There are both in this area (though many more Bald...)
  4. Hi all, any chance you can ID this bird? Was in a flock of about 5000 cowbirds, RW blackbirds and grackles. Stood out - seemed slightly larger and much more pale... taken this morning in New York. thx
  5. thanks - I was hoping to have seen one as I know they were reported there... Actually I've tried to find one about 4 years in a row around this time now! thx!
  6. HI all, Wondering if the second two photos show a TB Murre versus Common which I'm pretty sure are in the first photo with the Gannet. thoughts? All Common? Probably... thx!
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