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  1. On the far left with the goldeneyes for size comparison.... any idea? Snow Goose I guess?
  2. the head and beak look a little big for me that's part of my concern...
  3. Hi all, I initially thought this was a Golden but now thinking juvie Bald. Thoughts? There are both in this area (though many more Bald...)
  4. Hi all, any chance you can ID this bird? Was in a flock of about 5000 cowbirds, RW blackbirds and grackles. Stood out - seemed slightly larger and much more pale... taken this morning in New York. thx
  5. thanks - I was hoping to have seen one as I know they were reported there... Actually I've tried to find one about 4 years in a row around this time now! thx!
  6. HI all, Wondering if the second two photos show a TB Murre versus Common which I'm pretty sure are in the first photo with the Gannet. thoughts? All Common? Probably... thx!
  7. Hi all, Going through some photos from today. This looks a little different than the RT Loons I saw - could this be pacific? Maybe? thx
  8. Hi all, Is the top left tern here with the full cap a Roseate? Or common? thx!
  9. Hi all, This is a winter Common Loon, right? thx Morgan
  10. Hi all, Taken the other day near Jonesport, ME (Great Wass Preserve) - possible red knot? Or not red enough ;)?
  11. ah, so maybe that far left bird in first photo is juvie/adolescent SB Dowitcher? thanks for your help!
  12. Hi all, Looking for some help with a few IDs. All taken this morning at Forsythe in NJ. 1. Is this a Stilt Sandpiper with the Dowitchers? On the far left? 2. is this LB v SB Dowticher? On right 3. Photo is tagged as cave Swallows but these are actually Purple Martens, right? thanks!
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