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  1. Yes! Thanks. Just confirmed listening to the call. thanks!
  2. Hi all any thoughts? Seen at about 4000 feet elevation. There were 3 Bicknell’s Thrush around as well. Poor photos - only had iPhone... seen at Nye Mountain peak. thx!
  3. Thx. That’s what I was suspecting but didn’t look right for some reason. thx!
  4. Hi all, Stumped on this bad pic of what I think is a sparrow but I'm blanking on the type. Taken in the Adirondack mountains of NY this evening. thx!
  5. Hi all, Taken today - also in Tepoztlan Mexico - about an hour south of Mex City... 1. Flycatcher... 2. Bell's Vireo? thx!
  6. These were all taken in Tepoztlan, Mexico - about an hour south of Mexico City. thanks for any help! 1&2 - not sure? 3 - Brown-backed Solitaire 4 - Bullock's Oriole? 5 - Cassin's Vireo 6 - White-eared Hummingbird? 7 - Violet-crowned Hummingbird? 8 - Berryline Hummingbird? 9 - Orange-billed Nightingale Thrush 10 - Oriole? 11 - Westrern Tanager? 12- Tanager? 13 - Tanager again.. 14 - Tennessee Warbler? thanks all!
  7. Hi all ive been meaning to post this. I saw this butterfly in the Adirondack mountains of New York in early sept. Seems fAr out of range - is id correct? i know we used to have a separate forum for this but figured I’d try... thx all!
  8. Hi all, Taken this am at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in NYC. I believe these are two pics of same bird. thx!
  9. Looks like a sharp-shinned hawk with that big eye to me
  10. HI all, I'm pretty sure these are two Cooper's hawks, right? Safe to assume the larger is a female? this photo was taken today in the Hudson Valley, NY. I know not all Cooper's migrate - so maybe hard to say if these two are migrating. Would they be a pair? Seems late in the year to be mating?
  11. Hi all, looking for confirmations - first w water background Solitary and second on red rock Spotted? thx
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