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  1. Chestnut-sided? not sure - though it was near a bunch of Bay-breasted?
  2. Hi all, Taken this morning at Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge. thx!
  3. Hi there, I'm not positive but these might be the same bird... Taken today at Great Wass Island, on the coast of Maine... thx!
  4. Sorry - best shot I have. Many thoughts? common? sandwich?
  5. sorry - I thought the titles would show. 1. Northern Gannet 2. Caspian Tern 3. Roseate Tern 4. Arctic Tern?
  6. HI all, these were taken off of Provincetown, Cape Cod. I'm guessing the first is a juvie Gannet but I heard someone mention having seen a Brown Booby off the southern coast of cape cod recently... not sure on the terns but look my best guesses... thoughts? thx
  7. ah, ok, thanks - i guess i'm not used to seeing Sanderling in breeding plumage. Thanks!
  8. Hi there, Looking mainly for an ID for the bird to the left of the Western Sandiper. Dunlin on the right but not sure what the bird is on the left? Help? taken last week on Vancouver Island. thx!
  9. Hi there, I was thinking maybe Mew on the gull and Barrow's Goldeneye on the ducks? These were taken in Knight Inlet on the coast of British Columbia.. thx!
  10. HI all, Looking for some gull and loon ids... If the photos load the way i think they will (and ignore the numbers in the file name) , i'm thinking 1. Western 2. Thayers 3. Not sure 4. Glaucous 5. Pacific? 6. not sure 7. not sure 8. not sure! thx!
  11. Hi all, I believe i have redheads, ruddy ducks and a ring-necked here? Taken this am at Montezuma Refuge near Seneca Falls in upstate NY. thx
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