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  1. Thanks,I was thinking hawk, and usually know the difference but maybe it was the magical mist of the morning that had me confused!
  2. Foggy morning so unable to get a clearer shot, seen at end of October in Minnesota, Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge,early morning.I think it it's an owl? Thanks!
  3. i think you're correct,when i saw it on the beach and the feathers were still attached,it just looked like this was a skull from how it was in relationship to rest of bones,but it makes more sense what you say.Thank You. Think feathers are chicken?
  4. Hope it's OK to ask about these feathers and skull, seen 4 weeks ago on beach on Cayman Brac, I looked close and skull seems to be intact,otherwise i would have thought it was from a feral chicken but no signs of a missing beak.
  5. Seen on Grand Mesa, in Colorado,end of September. Thanks!
  6. Please assist with I.D. I think I'm incorrect, seen 11/1 in Maple Plain ,MN at lake shore. Thanks!
  7. Seen 10/26 on beach in Maple Plain Minnesota, there were about five of them,an hour later they were gone. Thanks!
  8. Seen in Craig Colorado 9/2022 appears to live in a barn. Thanks!
  9. So many birds enjoy eating from the open trays i put on my balcony,and for me ,it's a great way to see them,but I have many squirrels that not only eat a lot of the food,but chase the birds off. Any ideas on discouraging squirrels? Also, I used to use a variety of bird seeds,now with the high prices, thinking to just try and find one good type of seed mix,suggestions on what appeals to the most types of birds? Thanks!
  10. Much appreciated, I must have looked at the wrong sites as I looked at lots of gulls, but never saw the Franklin.
  11. Seen 8/2022 on shoreline of Lake Independence ,Maple Plain, Minnesota I appreciate your assist! Thanks!
  12. Seen at Lake Independence in Maple Plain ,Minnesota 9/2022 in with seagulls throughout the day. First just the one,now see three. Please assist with I.D., Thanks!
  13. Seen in canyon this June just outside Delta, Colora do
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