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  1. Seen in canyon this June just outside Delta, Colora do
  2. Seen this month [June] up mountain from town of Ridgway ,Colorado
  3. Seen in fall on top of Grand mesa in Colorado
  4. Seen in Orono ,Minnesota. Thank you for your help! There are three photos of first hawk seen last week and other has two photos,seen last summer. https://imgur.com/Pzf6wxo https://imgur.com/VRIslGQ https://imgur.com/3AVAIwe https://imgur.com/aNCSglV https://imgur.com/wZOBIsE
  5. Seen in Maple Plain, Minnesota today 4/12 Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/Tdz5UUo
  6. Seen last week in Zimmerman ,Minnesota. Thanks for your input,I'm thinking it's an eagle. https://i.imgur.com/CMSwYNp.jpg https://i.imgur.com/B5eVkt2.jpg
  7. Hi, just back from out of town and read your response,100% sure as I watched it several days going to both holes on the tree.
  8. Hi, I saw all four in Colorado last week, I appreciate any info on them,I think two are some sort of flycatchers and one a sparrow? https://imgur.com/a/iSvc1Or
  9. Hi, I saw this duck in Buford,Colorado,seems to have green eyes. I appreciate any assist with an ID. Thanks. https://imgur.com/a/rOrXxuv
  10. This Pileated woodpecker is feeding chicks in two different parts of the tree,two separate holes which are about 29 feet apart, this seems very unusual!? https://imgur.com/YoRw8jc
  11. Seen in Medina ,Minnesota last week,please help with ID. Thanks! https://imgur.com/ch3OBGm
  12. Seen three weeks ago in Orono, MN Thank you for your assist. https://imgur.com/a/Fqva5jr
  13. Saw today in Minnesota,all together, first two have same back/tail feathers,one perhaps an adolescence? Wrens? Thank You! https://imgur.com/a/EOgMSG4
  14. Seen yesterday in Orono Minnesota. Thank you! https://imgur.com/a/ZSsQKnX
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