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  1. I see, thank you so much for the info! I’ll make sure to use that source instead. In the mean time, I plan on stopping by to see these woodies every time I go to the park. 😁
  2. Thank you!! Interesting! I found it hard to believe because they look different than what I can find on Google haha, I didn’t realize there could be so much variation!
  3. These images are stills taken from a video I recorded this morning, at Hart Park in Bakersfield CA. Apologies for low quality. Am new to bird identifying, just curious about what I saw. Similar in look to Wood ducks or Harlequin ducks, however I distinctly recall seeing a brown belly, separated by a horizontal white line from black/dark-colored back and head. There was also some red on the face. About the same size as the mallards they were swimming with.
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