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  1. OK...very good. I am reading of brown-headed cowbird now. i am not liking what i read so far! the male look cool , though. There;s behavior of laying eggs in other nests is bad sounding , but they are native bird to usa so it is cool. you and others are right with identification, akiley. it looks like it to me. I love having this website to check with experts! Connecticut has so many birds! yes, westport and surrounding towns seem too nice to think some person or people stole away my clothing. maybe it was just mistake. Speedo is not good to wear in usa anyway i am finding. i will blame the cowbird for my naked feeling . ha ha ha I will come here with more bird questions....thank you all. Happy to learn birds of america now.
  2. really? I will look them up. thank you! a female or juvenile? i appreciate it!
  3. thank you..it did suck. lol I did not even think of House FInch, and I know what they are..thank you!!! ..i will check or find more pic!
  4. Apologies to my english (as usual)!!! i was at a beach & swimming this weekend in Westport Connecticut and I was thinking to birds and I see this bird by parking lot then it flew to woods and i got to be obsess to chase it and chase it. I know there are many sparrows of connecticut but this was bigger and it had the striping on chest. I manage the picture and I have hope to learn what it is. i hope it is a bird worth it because when I got back to beach all of my clothing was stole! Walk home wearing only small speedo was not fun! But I still love USA and connecticut more than poland! thank you if you can identify Peitr
  5. Thank you for the information. It is really great to know! it will make me feel less homesick that it is the same bird, i think! is it obvious physical characteristic that makes them different subspecies or down to dna level? sorry my english sucks. this is a big bird for a small state!
  6. I think i am going crazy becasue i think i saw the same bird back in poland before i am in usa. it was in fairfield or bridgeport in connecticut. can it be same bird as in europe/poland? and what is it in photo? it is from phone photo. thank you. I am new here!! peitr
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