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  1. I agree with the Olympic call on this gull.
  2. Cape May is a famous birding location in New Jersey.
  3. Drab fall female Bullocks and Baltimore Orioles are a huge ID challenge. As an stated above, they hybridize extensively and caution should be warranted. I would use a slash here if I were reporting this via eBird.
  4. So, I now have a Western Screech-Owl that calls a cavity not 10-12 feet from my front door, home. This is from last Saturday morning as it was returning to its roost. I have posted this bird once before, but I think this picture is better. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/487897981
  5. I am on my phone at work, but that warm chestnut brown breast with a clearly demarcated breast/head line seems way off for GADW to me. Why not a Mallard?
  6. The second bird is a juvenile Yellow-rumped Warbler. Look at the bill to start.
  7. A good field guide is a very worthy investment if you are at all into birds. Nat Geo and Sibley are the best, IMO.
  8. Brewers. Very long tail and there appears to be streaking through the nape. More muted tones overall than CCSP.
  9. Breast feather patterning, leg color, bill, overall structure, facial feather pattern.
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