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  1. Had a few good looks at the local Junco juvies today. These are two separate individuals. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/452665341 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/452665181
  2. I would prefer to see the actual pics if possible since pictures of pictures leave much to be desired, but I guess it's likely a Willow, just a cold puffed up one. Alder can be ruled out by range.
  3. It's a Warbling Vireo. The facial pattern isn't strong enough for REVI, and structurally it's a little too dainty and small.
  4. The dark primary wedge on the upper side of the wing in the first photo is diagnostic for COTE as well.
  5. Sniped. Adult male Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
  6. I just turned my laptop upside down. It's trippy, you really can't tell which way is the correct way to orient the photo.
  7. Interesting. I agree that the righthand bird in your second pic appears to be a good candidate for a hybrid. Is that the same bird as the one as in the first photo you posted? I know you said it was confirmed on eBird, but the first bird still gives me a hybrid feel, especially the leg color and the white around the bare parts. That bird appears to be the same as righthand bird (hybrid candidate) in the second photo. Did you reviewer say, by chance, how a hybrid was ruled out? Just curious. Either way, the bird on the left looks better for a pure Glossy to my eyes.
  8. 1. Marbled Murrelet is correct. 2. I'd lean Dunlin.
  9. With the light base to the bill on both, they are females. I think I was wrong about the first bird, as I didn't notice the light bill at first.
  10. FWIW - I mean, I get that some people don't care what other birders think of them (individualism the the stereotypical American ideal, right?), but when we are talking about your "birding reputation" I hardly think it's a bad thing to strive for a reputation as honorable, fair, thorough, and careful with regards to observing birds and reporting your observations. I find that there is often too much hubris, pride, and competition involved in birding, which begets bad behavior, which in turn harms one's reputation...although I realize this paradigm is hardly contained to birding only.
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