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  1. 1 is Violet-green Swallow 2 is Band-tailed Pigeon 3 I think you’re right but need to take a closer listen. 4 is Hutton’s Vireo
  2. Black-capped Gnatcatcher has never been recorded outside of far southern AZ and a few records in far southwestern NM. Perhaps you meant Black-tailed?
  3. Precisely. I would also say it’s partially for the protection of the reviewer as well. *This isn't stated in anything I have ever heard/read from eBird central. However, unconfirming a record can lead to interesting and at times quite hostile behavior by observers. It’s not the norm, but it has happened to every single person I know who reviews.
  4. Calm down friends. This a screen appears when the reviewer has made the determination and unconfirmed the record. The observer had not changed the media to the appropriate species. Additionally, the PRFA record does not appear in public output. If you click on the Macaulay link you can see that it’s unconfirmed. If it was confirmed by the reviewer, you would again see the option to report the wrong species.
  5. The OP is more complex than most people truly understand. Generally speaking, you are correct. Light S or SE winds are good in spring and fall. Sometimes a windy night shifting to no wind at all can be really good too, as stuff drops in when winds abate. However, things can be very unpredictable as there was wildly strong NW winds a few weeks ago when the Swallow-tailed Kite was found; a totally staggering record. That was a day that most people would have avoided going to the OP completely, due to strong winds. So, the lesson here is that you never know. The clouds/fog can also play a role, and high overcast seems to be best. Remember, this is an area where it may be absolutely socked in with fog for days at a time.
  6. Tail length relative to undertail coverts is too long for TEWA.
  7. Bummer. What browser are you using? Does it work on another browser?
  8. Size is very difficult to accurately judge in the field, unless you have other species in the same frame for comparison. Even then, size can lead observers astray. These are definitely House Finches.
  9. Rippingly rare for CA Gray-cheeked Thrush found a few days ago by Connor Cochrane. The lighting was tough, but the salient ID features are visible. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/619287904
  10. The oven is a gnarled tangle of cypress trees below eye level on the righthand side of the road to the Lighthouse. It's approximately here (37.997083, -123.018083). This is it in Google Maps. The residence is the big white house/residence when you walking in from the parking lot at Fish Docks. It's impossible to miss.
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