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  1. My two most recent are Least Terns and a Crested Caracara.
  2. I thought so, but wasn't completely sure. Thanks.
  3. These were taken yesterday in Clearwater, FL. Thank you!
  4. I appreciate your help. I took this in Colorado Springs. I think it looks like a female purple finch, but range maps are throwing me off and another site said you'd only find them in the NE corner of the state. Thanks, Erin
  5. Both of these are from FL. I think the one on our screen is a red shouldered hawk and the other a Cooper's Hawk? Thank you! Erin
  6. Hello, I think the first may be a Dunlin, the second I have no idea, and the third a semipalmated plover? Taken today in Clearwater, FL Thank you! Erin
  7. These were taken December of last year near Clearwater, FL. I think the one may be a Black Bellied Plover. Thank you!
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