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  1. To make this even a stranger story, I grew up in western New York and we had never heard of or seen this bird up there. Well when my brother heard my story a few months ago and saw the photos, he related to me a story. An aspiring artist in high school in the mid 1970s he saw a photo of a Pileated Woodpecker in a book and produced a sketch which he completed in water colors for his art class. He still has it and he sent me a scan of it. So not only food it circle back into my life 2 yrs later, it came back into his 45 yrs later. At the time he thought it was just a cool looking bird and different from the Flickers and Redheaded Woodpeckers we grew up with
  2. A warm summer morning on August 27, 2018 at 7:10am I was walking the dog prior to heading into the office. As I turned a corner I heard a woodpecker so I grabbed my phone to snap a photo. I did manage to get a few but the lighting was wrong and the dog impatient so I left without a good photo. It was a silhouette and I forgot about it and never looked it up. (1st photo below) Fast forward 2 years to July 30, 2020 at 9:33am. I was walking the dog and turned the corner to very load bird calls and find a woodpecker on a light pole just 3 houses further down than the one 2 years prior. Again I grabbed my photo and got a few photos before the dog got too impatient. I’ve lived in this house for 4 years and have seen this bird only twice almost in the same place similar date and time. When I took the photos this year I remembered the silhouettes from 2 years ago and looked them up. I was surprised when I compared them, what are the odds? IMG_2928.MOV
  3. Tuesday morning (Nov 17) I was walking the dog at 10am in Largo Fl ( on the gulf coast). We have the Gulf of Mexico on one side 10 miles away and Tampa Bay on the other also 10 miles away. I saw a large flock of birds in the distance the struck me as strange int their behavior. Several neighbors outside at the same time took videos of them. There were several things that were unusual. First the shear number of birds. We have many birds in the area including some Canadian Geese which pass overhead but never a flock of this size. It’s difficult from the photos to know their size but from zooming in and 1st hand sightings of the flock they were large. My first thought was they were sea gulls but I’ve never sea gull float like this. There flight reminded me of a murmuration of starlings. The birds were white with black onset their wings. On top they were white with black wing tips. In coloration they appeared to be terns but not in body shape. I assume they are just a common water bird, I just have never seen such a large flock so far from the water. They may have been migrating but their flight was north north west towards the gulf not in a southerly direction
  4. This morning at 10 I saw a large flock of white birds flying overhead. Not only did it strike me strange but several neighbors down the street saw the and created a video. Their flight pattern reminded me a bit of a murmuration of starlings. They stayed together as a flock but rolled and changed shape as they flew. I live in Largo Fl and the were north of me heading northwest. They appeared too large to be terns or gulls and the did not behave as geese I’ve seen in the area. I do have some photos if I can find a place to put them so I can supply an URL. They had white bodies on top but largely black as seen from the underside . not sure this link will allow access but it’s worth a try. Flock of white birds https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgRnNe78SKfxleRWsYaIFfw4sR9wtw
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