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  1. After looking it up, that was my thought as well. Thank you!
  2. Wow...lived in this Arizona desert all my life, didn't realize we have mountain bluebirds wintering near here! Learn something new every day, which is exactly why I signed up on this site! Thank you again!
  3. I thought about that one, but didn't think the bird structure was correct..??? Also not the correct location, but I know that doesn't mean anything...LOL!! Probably female / immature then, thank you!
  4. Hi all! I need some help identifying this little fly catcher type bird. South central Arizona, sonoran desert,taken early November. Clear bright day, altitude approx 2500 feet. Flight pattern and behavior suggests flycatcher, tuft on head like flycatchers. Tail feathers bright blue, like you can see in the photo, white eye ring, black / dark beak, grey underparts. What stood out to me more than anything was how blue the tail feathers are, and same blue goes up this bird's back. Didn't get a pic of that when it flew away from me, but you can see the color in the attached photos.
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