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  1. Leland NC, 3/15/21. I've seen plenty of female and male Pine Warbler. This one seem unusual. Ideas? Thanks, Lance
  2. Folks, Leland NC. Taken today (3/15/21). This coloring seems strange to me. The fifth photo is also from today and represents typical coloring. All photographs were taken under the same lighting conditions. I see numerous Purple Finch every day and this is a first. Thoughts? Thanks, Lance
  3. I didn't know that bird watching was so complicated. I feel like I am back at work again and have to do some thinking. Ha Ha. Lance
  4. https://nurturing-nature.co.uk/wildlife-garden-videos/finches-with-typical-trichomonosis-or-fat-finch-disease-symptoms/ I have hundreds of birds of over 25 species visit my feeders each day. How do I know this bird got it from my feeder? Why don't I just eliminate this bird? Seems like a draconian measure for something that may not be a problem. Just thinking out loud. Lance
  5. Here are some more pictures from this morning. Definitely acting like all the other Goldfinches. Lance
  6. Folks, Wilmington NC, 2/27/21 am. Are these both purple finch? If so, what's the yellow throat? Thanks, Lance
  7. I will continue to observe closely for a few more days and post any new observations. Lance
  8. Folks, I came across this Goldfinch eating on the ground this morning in Wilmington NC. Of the 30 or so eating at my feeders, this was the only one that looked like this. I've seen birds sitting in trees puffing up, but never while they are eating. Could she be full of eggs or just pleasantly plump? Thanks, Lance
  9. Black/dark gray running leading edge to trailing edge. They were separated by the width of the bar (e.g., 1 inch).
  10. I've had a Sharp-shinned visit my yard this year. This bird definitely did not 'perch' like that. I will try and have my camera ready next time. Thanks, Lance
  11. Both of those match the description that I gave. I've seen a bunch of Herring Gulls and I think that they are much more bulky than what I saw. I will not take credit for seeing anything and I will keep my eyes open and try to get a shot in the future. Thanks, Lance
  12. Folks, I've only seen this bird once in February 2021 near Wilmington NC. Snow white underside (it was flying overhead) with a black tail. One interesting point is that the wings were narrow and straight (not bent like a gull.) Thanks, Lance
  13. Folks, I need some help with a bird that flew away before I could get a picture. Here are the observations: 1) Feb 24, 2021 10:30AM near Wilmington NC 2) There were around 50 birds on the ground, at the feeders, and in the trees. Red-winged Blackbird and White-breasted Nuthatch were making a big racket. 3) All of a sudden the noise stopped and all the birds disappeared 4) I immediately started looking in the trees (I've had a number of hawks sit in a tree, licking their chops) 5) A strange bird appeared in a tree: a) About the size of a Northern Flicker b) Nondescript coloring (whiteish) b) Sitting with a posture like a Mourning Dove (not sitting up like a hawk) c) When it flew away there were three parallel bars on the underside of the wings. 6) It took about 5 minutes before the songbirds began returning. Thanks in advance, Lance
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