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  1. I'm thinking the first pic top bird is a Semipalmated (lower 2 Least)? Second 2 pics, Least on left & Semi on right? (disregard Least in foreground). I know not to trust leg color, I've got pics where the all appear black.
  2. Initial impression was Cooper's Hawk? (Large raptor migration was occurring today).
  3. Just looked at the same question a couple posts down, they have a great comparison of the two. Thanks for the ID (now I just need to find a Swainson's for the year).
  4. For comparison, here is a Warbling Vireo in the same area as the birds above.
  5. Think first 3 pics (same bird) is a Philadelphia Vireo? Last 2 pics (different bird) may be a Warbling or drab Philly?
  6. Seems too large for a Least? Left Dunlin in pic for size comparison.
  7. What I was thinking, but not sure. Thanks.
  8. Thought the facial pattern & streaking was different from Cape May, well at least the males are easy to ID this time of year.
  9. Also had female Blackburnian (?) Females/juveniles are almost as hard as Fall Warblers! 🙂
  10. 4 pics, same bird. Very dark & grainy, not sure if it's identifiable.
  11. Too large for an empid, first glance thought Phoebe (then noticed the bi-colored bill).
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