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  1. Also fairly bold/complete eye-ring looks good for Least (but I'm not familiar with Western Flycatchers).
  2. Thanks, painted buntings (I've seen many down south/out west) would be very rare. There were both Indigo Buntings & House Finches, along with about 50 other species at this one spot. Just thought I'd try for an ID 🙂
  3. Taken near Seneca Fall NY, seemed a little large for Bonaparte's.
  4. Very back-lit photos, wondering if possible to ID?
  5. Warbling Vireo, Philly would have a bright yellow throat.
  6. Taken at Montezuma NWR this morning. Dunlin in last pic for size comparison.
  7. Taken near Seneca Falls NY on 5/22/22, thinking Common Tern?
  8. The yellow underneath is throwing me off. First thought possible Philadelphia, but throat looks too white?
  9. Wait for other comments, but eye-ring looks good for Least.
  10. Ovenbird! Nice pic. (type of Warbler).
  11. Distant/overcast pics of a couple dowitchers. Wondering if possible to tell if Long-billed (LBDO were reported here a day or 2 ago). Thanks.
  12. First bird (2 pics) I thought was a Veery, but thinking maybe Swainson's? Last pic I thought was the Eastern Wood-Pewee that was singing, but is pic of an Empid instead?
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