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  1. Thinking Veery, but want to rule out Swainson's Thrush.
  2. Definitely, purple head in contrast to body. Common Grackle.
  3. Looked larger than (suspected) Least nearby, not sure if it's possible to make a positive ID. Last pic has a Dunlin & GW Teal for size comparison.
  4. Thought it was a Warbling Vireo, but appears to have noticeable wing bars?
  5. Agree - "Western" Palm Warbler (NY is on the border between the Western (more brown) & Eastern (more yellow) subspecies. Where you're at you may find either.
  6. Please include date & location, but I would lean towards House Finch (female). Wait for more answers though.
  7. Do you mean the first 2 pics, or the last 3 pics (or all of them)?
  8. Here are some more pics, don't think it's the same bird, but was in the same general area. (More certain this one is a Warbling Vireo?)
  9. Caption got deleted (?) Trying to ID the yellow bird (was taking pics of the Cooper's Hawk & didn't notice it until it was on the computer). Doesn't seem to fit goldfinch or yellow warbler, but not sure what it is.
  10. Thanks, yellow-rumped seems logical, we only have about 2 million of them around. 🙂
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