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  1. Sorry about that, had to cut the video short to fit the MB limit. It's the "Wheat" sound that can be heard a couple times. Towhee is the logical choice, had 2 males singing nearby. here's another clip that might sound better. A_Trim.mp4
  2. Forgot to add - taken Sunday May 2, 2021 (Montezuma NWR NY)
  3. I'm thinking Willow Flycatcher, but not sure. Appreciate any help. DSC_4717_Trim_Trim_Trim.mp4
  4. I'm really bad at calls/songs, this was recorded May 2, 2021 at Montezuma NWR (central NY). DSC_4726_Trim.mp4
  5. Did you mean Tricolored or LITTLE Blue Heron? This is definitely not a Great Blue Heron, but the leg color is more suited to Little Blue Heron. I think I can see a slight white crest on the bird, which would indicate Tricolored. May want to wait on more replies.
  6. Appears to be a Tricolored Heron, GBH would have a substantial crest feather and have a much grayer neck & head.
  7. Only seen from underneath, fairly sure it's a Purple Finch (no striping underneath). Taken May 1, 2021 along Lake Ontario Shore in central NYS.
  8. According to Sibley's Common (Eurasian) Snipe have white bars under the wings. I don't think they can be ID'd unless flying. Most older books still list Wilson's Snipe as "Common Snipe", so maybe it's an outdated reference you had?
  9. Thanks all, didn't have any pics showing tops of the wings. Guess this might be a good reason that Thayer's isn't a separate species anymore?
  10. Taken in Geneva NY 2/4/21. Was kind enough to fly away from large flock of mixed gulls for a photo op.
  11. Taken today (2/34/21) in Geneva NY with a large group of Herring & Great Black-back Gulls. Appears too dark for a Herring Gull (compare to Herring Gull in 1st photo).
  12. Thanks, "Year Bird", of course it's only 2 weeks in. 🙂
  13. Poor quality pic of a small raptor, tail seems to indicate Sharp-shinned?
  14. 2 swan pics taken in central New York on 1/14/21 (Savannah NY). Normally only Mute & Tundra are found this time of year, but Trumpeter have been reported. Not positive if both of these are Tundra.
  15. Leucitic Sandhill or juvenile Whooping Crane?
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