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  1. Thanks, I added the wrong pic on the Mergansers, tried to edit it but had to re-search thru pics and ran out of time. Here are the Mergansers (Common or Red-breasted?)
  2. Thinking Semipalmated Plover & Common Mergansers (or Red-breasted?) Black Point Wildlife Drive.
  3. Not sure on the plovers, ebird shows Am. Golden-plover rare so I'm guessing Black-bellied. Think I have a Red Knot & Sedge Wren? (Shorebirds were at Pawley's Island, wren in Santee Delta WMA). Thanks for the help, haven't birded this area in a few years.
  4. First 3 were by oyster recycling rd. (Murrell's Inlet) and Royal was at Pawley's Island (south end).
  5. Thinking Forster's for all but the last pic (Royal?). May have a Common in the group?
  6. Think same bird in all 4 pics (first pic may be a different bird?)
  7. Pied-billed Grebe, they can look reddish around the neck. Red-necked are longer necked, larger grebes (see pic below of Red-necked).
  8. Agree, Yellow-rumped Warbler, appears to be Myrtle subspecies.
  9. #2 pic I thought was a Merlin at first, but it seems to have a reddish streaking on breast? Flew before I could get a decent shot.
  10. 3 different birds, getting a Sharp-shinned impression on all of them? 2nd pic shot through car windshield and last 3 pics are the same bird.
  11. Thanks, I thought the streaking was too fine for Sharpie, but the squared off tail was making me question it.
  12. If you're talking about subspecies, Gainsville FL is right on the border between Eastern and Osceola ranges. As previously mentioned, they are both "Wild Turkey" species. There are also Merrian's, Rio Grande, and Gould's subspecies found in parts of the continental USA. Actual differences between subspecies, in my opinion, aren't very obvious as far as appearance goes.
  13. It seemed a little large for a Sharpie (but it was fairly distant).
  14. First pic I think is a female Greater (behind male Lesser Scaup) and female Lesser on right (based on size alone). 2nd pic Greater Scaup? The raptor I think is a Cooper's?
  15. Thanks, I was hoping for Iceland (already checked off Glaucous for the year 🙂 ).
  16. I'm not that familiar with female ducks, not sure what these 2 are?
  17. Here's a photo with a better view of the Ring-necked Duck behind/to the left of the Scaup. It does seem dark, but I think it's just low in the water.
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