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  1. Thanks for confirming! New bird for my regional list - not as easy to ID as they are in breeding plumage! (Pic from Colorado below).
  2. Looks good for Cackling (bird on left).
  3. Taken on Cayuga Lake (Finger Lakes region NY) 11/20/22. Horned Grebes are fairly common, but an Eared Grebe was also reported over the last few days. Hoping for an identifiable pic from these very distant shots (suspect first pic is a Horned Grebe).
  4. Thanks, the reason I was checking is there was a Slaty-backed reported at the same location a few days ago. However this location usually gets a couple Lesser Black-backed each winter.
  5. Thanks for the reply, what details tell it's a Lesser Black-backed instead of Slaty-backed? Even looking at Sibley's I don't really see much difference (except for the legs, and a couple inches in size).
  6. Thinking Great Black-backed or Herring for the juvenile, and either Lesser Black-backed or Slaty-backed for the other gull?
  7. Wondering what the smaller sandpiper is (dark bill, dark legs?) upper right of center frame.
  8. Landed on a car next to me, then took off. Looks too slender for a Rock Pigeon.
  9. Thanks all, I was thinking Semipalmated for the 1st pic, but WRSA makes sense. I was fairly sure on the last pic being a Dunlin.
  10. Female Barn Swallows? Not sure what the smaller one in 2nd pic is (Bank?).
  11. Trying to ID a bad angle view of this sparrow & a couple distant sandpipers.
  12. Distant, poor quality shots in Wiscasset ME (Sheepscot River). Hoping possible to ID?
  13. Some not-so-great shots in a dark, early morning forest.
  14. Lower birds are blue-winged Teal, along with at least a couple of the upper birds. Looks like a couple Wilson's Snipe (thin, long bills) with the upper ducks.
  15. I was hoping some of these pics of 2 dowitchers are identifiable as Short, Long, or one of each. (Previously posted along with a Hudsonian Godwit for size comparison). Thanks for any help.
  16. Taking pics of a Hudsonian Godwit, and a first glance thought I had a couple more Godwits (until I realized the size difference). Wondering if these are Long or Short-billed Dowitchers? (we get both here in migration).
  17. Are you sure on Dunlin? I've only seen them almost plain gray-brown this time of year? (and no trace of black on belly).
  18. Thanks all, still needed Purple Finch for the year, bill was throwing me off. (Laughing Gull & RN Grebe were also first-of-the year, despite all of them being around my home area in NY).
  19. Took these around Acadia NP (Bar Harbor, etc.) on 10/6/22. Think the small pelagic birds may all be Black Guillemot? Not sure on the other 3 (Laughing Gull, Red-necked Grebe & RB Grosbeak?). Thanks for any help.
  20. Want to rule out Bicknell's & Gray-cheeked before I call this a Swainson's Thrush. Not familiar with this area, but I know it's in range for all 3 species. (Grayish tail rules out Hermit).
  21. I think 2nd pic just seemed bigger in relation to the Killdeer.
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