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  1. Which pic are you referring too? (at least 4 different birds pictured). Purple Martin would be very unusual this late (but not unheard of). I think pics 2, 5, & 6 are all the same species.
  2. I've been to this park a couple times in the last 7-8 years. Seems that the variety is increasing (first time it was mostly Red-crowned). They all seem to fly in just before dusk.
  3. Taken 10/23/21 at Beechwood Park (Lake Ontario shore east of Rochester). Very dark/overcast conditions, wondering if possible to ID.
  4. I'm a little confused, I thought Chipping didn't have any streaking on the sides or breast?
  5. Taken 10/16/21 at Montezuma NWR (central NY). Sorry for the poor quality, very dark/rainy day.
  6. I was wondering about #1 being a possible juvy WC Sparrow, but I've never seen a Savannah with that much yellow on the face. Of course all 4 species were present at this location, making it harder to eliminate anything. Here's another view of the 2nd sparrow, and the notched tail does point to Savannah. Thanks.
  7. Trying to verify, think this is A Savannah Sparrow & Sharp-shinned Hawk. Taken in Central NY on 10/15/21.
  8. Anything except Herring, Great Black-backed, or Ring-billed would be uncommon. Was looking to confirm before entering into ebird (Gull sp. it is ? ).
  9. Taken in central NY State on 10/11/21, thinking it's a Field Sparrow, but a lot of White-crowned were around.
  10. Not sure what this is, but the bill & wing bars seem to rule out warbler?
  11. Taken in upstate New York, think this gull is approaching 2nd winter plumage?
  12. Thanks all. (peeps fooled me, thought the ones in back looked larger).
  13. Taken 10/9/21 at Montezuma NWR (central NY state). Think the duck is a hybrid? Guessing Sanderlings (with a possible Semipalmated?) on the sandpipers.
  14. Taken at Montezuma NWR in NY state on 10/2/21. Think at least 2 of the pics are the same bird.
  15. Sorry about the very poor quality of this pic (about 1/2 mile away). Wondering if possible to ID from wing pattern?
  16. I'm going with Pectoral - later found out the "sharp-tail" sighting was a mistaken ID.
  17. Taken at Montezuma NWR in New York State, not sure on the ID. Assumed it's a Pectoral, but Sharp-tailed was reported there.
  18. I'm far from expert, but with the yellowish throat & chest, I'd say Common Yellowthroat. (Looks like the bird I just posted, only a much clearer pic than mine).
  19. Thanks for trying, I did have long-billed nearby, just thought I'd see if this was the same. Was lucky enough to find a pair of red-necked phalaropes next to this guy.
  20. Taken in central NY State (Montezuma NWR) on 9/11/21. Only shot I got, out of focus. Any way to ID? Thanks.
  21. Taken 9/11/21 at Montezuma NWR NY, not sure if long or short-billed. Thanks for any help.
  22. Question on #5, it was in a field of goldenrod/brush giving chipping calls. I thought it was a wren or sparrow. Here are a couple more pics.
  23. Thanks, I was only there from 5 PM to 7 PM (Beechwood State Park), turned out better than I expected. I was thinking Blue Jay but the throat looked black in that pic. I'm pretty sure the last one was a hooded, it took off before I could get a good shot of it.
  24. Pics taken 9/2/21 near Sodus Point NY (central New York). Several Warblers and a couple others I can't ID. Also had Magnolia, BT Green, Red-eyed Vireo, Willow? Flycatcher, Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Wood-Pewee, and Hooded Warblers in the same area. Sorry for poor quality, very dark, overcast conditions.
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