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  1. Taken last May at Montezuma NWR NY, just double-checking that it's a YB & not a BB. Thanks (never uploaded video before, hope it works). DSC_8432 YBCU_Trim.mp4
  2. Taken today in the rain, near Montezuma NWR NY. Looks a little off for Cooper's (too large for Sharpie). Sorry for low quality pics.
  3. Taken near Sodus Point on Lake Ontario. Note: I think the "flared" tail shot was a flight maneuver, not normal flying position.
  4. The juvy on the left was so distinctly patterned I wasn't sure, thanks.
  5. Definitely a Roughie - they're just showing up here in NY, didn't know they went that far south!
  6. Hoping for an ID on these gulls (1 adult - Lesser Black-back?) & 2 juveniles (no idea). Thanks. (Central NY State 12/2/21)
  7. Taken today, think this is a juvenile Glaucous Gull? (Central New York State)
  8. When & where did you see it? (Also could you give a more specific size - robin, crow, duck, etc.) It sounds a little like a Killdeer, they are a ground dwelling bird, but more brown than gray.
  9. Wondering if possible to ID whether long-billed or short-billed, also need an ID for the flycatcher(?)
  10. There was an Iceland Gull reported at this spot, but I'm terrible at juvenile gulls. Is this juvy the Iceland? (Thayer's subspecies?)
  11. Bump. Here are a couple more distant & out-of-focus shots of the same bird, not sure if they're any help. Thanks.
  12. I actually got a really decent shot of a red-throated, just wish it was in breeding plumage. ?
  13. Not sure about this bird, Common, Red-throated, & Pacific have all been reported in the area this week. Thanks for any help. (Distant pics, not great quality).
  14. Thought it was a Downy, but after looking at the bill, not sure. Taken 10/29/21 central NY along Lake Ontario shore.
  15. Bump - just wondering, would expect Graylag to be more bulky with a bigger belly?
  16. Taken at Montezuma NWR NY, 10/25/21, not great pics but can you tell if GWFG or Graylag? (Both were reported in the area)
  17. Which pic are you referring too? (at least 4 different birds pictured). Purple Martin would be very unusual this late (but not unheard of). I think pics 2, 5, & 6 are all the same species.
  18. I've been to this park a couple times in the last 7-8 years. Seems that the variety is increasing (first time it was mostly Red-crowned). They all seem to fly in just before dusk.
  19. Taken 10/23/21 at Beechwood Park (Lake Ontario shore east of Rochester). Very dark/overcast conditions, wondering if possible to ID.
  20. I'm a little confused, I thought Chipping didn't have any streaking on the sides or breast?
  21. Taken 10/16/21 at Montezuma NWR (central NY). Sorry for the poor quality, very dark/rainy day.
  22. I was wondering about #1 being a possible juvy WC Sparrow, but I've never seen a Savannah with that much yellow on the face. Of course all 4 species were present at this location, making it harder to eliminate anything. Here's another view of the 2nd sparrow, and the notched tail does point to Savannah. Thanks.
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