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  1. Taking pics of a Hudsonian Godwit, and a first glance thought I had a couple more Godwits (until I realized the size difference). Wondering if these are Long or Short-billed Dowitchers? (we get both here in migration).
  2. Are you sure on Dunlin? I've only seen them almost plain gray-brown this time of year? (and no trace of black on belly).
  3. Thanks all, still needed Purple Finch for the year, bill was throwing me off. (Laughing Gull & RN Grebe were also first-of-the year, despite all of them being around my home area in NY).
  4. Took these around Acadia NP (Bar Harbor, etc.) on 10/6/22. Think the small pelagic birds may all be Black Guillemot? Not sure on the other 3 (Laughing Gull, Red-necked Grebe & RB Grosbeak?). Thanks for any help.
  5. Want to rule out Bicknell's & Gray-cheeked before I call this a Swainson's Thrush. Not familiar with this area, but I know it's in range for all 3 species. (Grayish tail rules out Hermit).
  6. I think 2nd pic just seemed bigger in relation to the Killdeer.
  7. Thanks all, that follows along with what I was thinking, but wasn't sure. ? This was the pic of the day though:
  8. Taken Sunday near Sodus Point (Lake Ontario east of Rochester). I think the first pic is Yellow-rumped, 2nd pic Blackburnian? Not sure on the others.
  9. Can't figure out which warbler, profile shot & partial under tail shot. The Mergansers I think might be Common & Red-breasted (both female)?
  10. A few pics of a raptor, originally thought small Buteo, but in flight appears to be an Accipiter? (Pic with Am. Crows for size.) Looking to confirm Scarlet Tanager (first of the year - nothing like waiting to the last minute).
  11. Far from expert (or even very good at Fall Warblers) but what about Yellow-rumped?
  12. Fairly sure last pic is a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk, wondering if possible to ID distant raptor in tree & other yellowish bird in flight?
  13. Thanks, something about #3 seemed off for Eastern Wood-Pewee, but there were a lot around that day.
  14. Accidently added under tail shot twice, left off this flycatcher (possible Willow/Alder?)
  15. A couple flycatchers & under tail shot (Vireo?) that may not be identifiable.
  16. Thanks all, the 2nd bird I had initially thought Swamp Sparrow in the field, but then after seeing the pic considered possible Indigo Bunting.
  17. Thanks all, not sure on the 2nd bird's size, I was thinking blackbird size, but could have been smaller (did see several Blackburnian Warblers in the area). I would think the white wing tips would be a good indicator, unless it was due to leucism?
  18. Yes, Florida subspecies (paler than more northern red-shoulders).
  19. Wondering if this could be a Philadelphia Vireo, and no idea on the other bird.
  20. Bump, really stumped by the "sparrow-ish" bird? It was in this bush along the edge of an open water part of a marsh.
  21. Taken 9/10/22 Savannah NY (between Syracuse and Rochester). I think the bill is too large for crow?
  22. Wondering if possible to ID the flying pipers from this pic. Also not sure what passerine this is (Sparrow?) and if last pic is Least or Semi (think I can see a little yellow in the legs). Thanks.
  23. Too small for a Red-tail, just want to confirm Broad-winged.
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