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  1. Just FYI, Baird's aren't unheard of here, but are rare for upstate New York (per ebird).
  2. Thanks, I thought the legs looked yellowish in first pick (why I was thinking all Least).
  3. Guessing these are all Least, but one in back looks larger?
  4. Seanbirds, did you mean it's not identifiable or it's not a Sedge Wren?
  5. Very poor quality photos of possible Sedge Wren. Was ID'd by it's call, believe this is the same bird. Wondering if it's at all possible to tell by photos.
  6. I'm curious about the eye-ring, would this be a first year or juvenile bird?
  7. I was hearing them (and eastern phoebe) but this time of year I hear both all the time, and everywhere I go. Thanks.
  8. Taken near Sodus Point NY on 7/16/21, wasn't sure if there's any way to ID these without audio (only view I was able to get).
  9. Taken 7/16/21 near Sodus Point NY, thought might be a Pine Warbler. Sorry for the poor quality pics - overcast & under heavy cover.
  10. Taken on 7/16/21 along Lake Ontario (Sodus Point, NY). Wasn't sure about the eye-ring or would take it for another Yellow Warbler. Also it was +60-70' up in a tree & I thought they preferred lower brush/trees.
  11. I'm unfamiliar with West Coast birds, but I'm guessing some variation on Band-tailed Pigeon? (only pigeon in Sibley's with a white collar on the back of the neck).
  12. Not to add to the confusion, but after only seeing RLHA in late Fall to early Spring (Central NY), I had this one show up on May 21, 2021. Of course we've also had Yellow-breasted Chat, Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, & Dickcissel since then, so you never can tell (all uncommon to our area).
  13. Fairly sure this is a Baltimore (juvenile male?), only other likely option would be Orchard.
  14. Thanks, last time I ID'd a bird as E. Wood-Pewee it got kicked back as a Least Flycatcher by ebird. I was hearing Wood-Pewee, Alder, & Willow Fly. all around, but this guy was silent.
  15. Taken near Montezuma NWR NY, wondering if it's possible to ID from this pic.
  16. Taken Friday, May 28th in Central New York State on a dark, rainy day. Sorry for poor quality pics, heavily cropped.
  17. Thanks, Acadian had been reported nearby, but I also heard a Willow doing it's ritzbew call a little ways away (but Willow are everywhere around here).
  18. Juvenile Mourning Dove (after checking Sibley's) never noticed these markings before ?
  19. I'm trying to ID the "peew" call, believe it's from an Empid Flycatcher. I apologize for all the wind noise. Empid.mp4
  20. My apology, the 2nd 2 pics were Least Sandpipers. The 1st pic threw me since the bill seems so long (and legs appear black). Problem from switching from scope view to camera & trying to get the same bird in frame out of the dozens there.
  21. I ruled out Least because they were noticeably smaller (the Least that were right next to these) and these don't have yellow legs?
  22. Taken 5/21/21 at Montezuma Wildlife Refuge (Central New York). (First pic may be of a different bird, 2nd two pics the same bird). Semi's are common here but we do get a few Westerns each year.
  23. Thanks, the yellow wing-bars & black on the face were throwing me.
  24. Taken on May 16, 2021 at Montezuma Wildlife Refuge (central NY State). Large influx of warblers & passerines over the weekend.
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