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  1. Wondering about Sibley's saying coarse, brown streaks for Sharpie, and thin, dark streaks for Cooper's.
  2. I thought this was a Cooper's Hawk, but per Sibley's Sharp-shinned juveniles have broad, brownish streaking. That has me questioning my ID.
  3. Here's a heavily cropped pic, bill is more like a snow goose. Thinking ross x snow hybrid or Lesser Snow Goose?
  4. If you can't tell which one I'm referring to, it probably isn't a Ross's. 🙂
  5. Had a question about this bird. The crop looks very full, or could it be a defect? The bird was sitting on this wire for over an hour (at least) and failed to move even when I was within 20' of it (unable to avoid getting that close).
  6. I had just seen a Merlin about 1/2 mile before seeing this bird, but on the computer this just didn't quite look the same. Of course both Merlin & Peregrine are relatively common for this area, making it harder to rule out either one.
  7. Very distant shots on a dark, cloudy day. Wondering if possible to ID (first thought was a Merlin, now not sure).
  8. I got a female bufflehead vibe, but lighting & head position aren't optimal.
  9. The pink legs are throwing me, appears to have adult plumage? (Shot with Herring Gull for size comparison).
  10. Possible House Sparrow? Just seems a little off.
  11. Thanks all, we get both (mostly Lesser) this time of the year. This one never turned towards me so I wasn't able to see the nail on the tip of the bill for an easier ID.
  12. Just for reference, here's a Northern Shrike (1/1/23) from Savannah NY, about 20 miles north of Lodi (NY).
  13. Not the best photos, wondering if possible to ID as Lesser or Greater?
  14. Just to add my 2 cents, I think it looks too white on the breast & bulky for either Peregrine or Harrier. I think it's a Buteo (Red-tailed or Ferruginous?).
  15. Thinking Common Merganser & not sure which Scaup (ignore Ruddy duck). Taken this morning on a dark & rainy day.
  16. Unsure about the Black-backed Gull in the foreground. Seems larger than Herring Gull in front of it, but lighter & smaller than the Great Black-black behind it?
  17. Juvy Red-tail, Northern Harriers (old name - Marsh Hawk) have a distinctive white rump patch that would show in the last pic.
  18. Definitely Yellow-rumped Warblers (Audubon sub-species if yellow throat, Myrtle sub-species if all white throat. Here are some pics of a Pine Siskins for comparison.
  19. Here are a few more pics, basically the same view as it was a fly-over. (All the same bird, not sure why the last 2 pics seem to show a dark collar.)
  20. Hard to tell by the photo, but it looks like a dark eye?
  21. Never considered Pacific, although I believe there was one at this location (Sodus Point NY) last year. The shot was taken at sunrise so shadows can be a factor. I will try to post more photos of this bird if I can find them.
  22. Think it still has barring on it's tail, making it a juvenile Red-tail. (Also note whitish "backpack straps" on the back).
  23. Both Common & Red-throated were present, just not sure from this angle if this is a Red-throated?
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