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  1. Thanks for the reply, what details tell it's a Lesser Black-backed instead of Slaty-backed? Even looking at Sibley's I don't really see much difference (except for the legs, and a couple inches in size).
  2. Thinking Great Black-backed or Herring for the juvenile, and either Lesser Black-backed or Slaty-backed for the other gull?
  3. Wondering what the smaller sandpiper is (dark bill, dark legs?) upper right of center frame.
  4. Landed on a car next to me, then took off. Looks too slender for a Rock Pigeon.
  5. Thanks all, I was thinking Semipalmated for the 1st pic, but WRSA makes sense. I was fairly sure on the last pic being a Dunlin.
  6. Female Barn Swallows? Not sure what the smaller one in 2nd pic is (Bank?).
  7. Trying to ID a bad angle view of this sparrow & a couple distant sandpipers.
  8. Distant, poor quality shots in Wiscasset ME (Sheepscot River). Hoping possible to ID?
  9. Lower birds are blue-winged Teal, along with at least a couple of the upper birds. Looks like a couple Wilson's Snipe (thin, long bills) with the upper ducks.
  10. I was hoping some of these pics of 2 dowitchers are identifiable as Short, Long, or one of each. (Previously posted along with a Hudsonian Godwit for size comparison). Thanks for any help.
  11. Taking pics of a Hudsonian Godwit, and a first glance thought I had a couple more Godwits (until I realized the size difference). Wondering if these are Long or Short-billed Dowitchers? (we get both here in migration).
  12. Are you sure on Dunlin? I've only seen them almost plain gray-brown this time of year? (and no trace of black on belly).
  13. Thanks all, still needed Purple Finch for the year, bill was throwing me off. (Laughing Gull & RN Grebe were also first-of-the year, despite all of them being around my home area in NY).
  14. Took these around Acadia NP (Bar Harbor, etc.) on 10/6/22. Think the small pelagic birds may all be Black Guillemot? Not sure on the other 3 (Laughing Gull, Red-necked Grebe & RB Grosbeak?). Thanks for any help.
  15. Want to rule out Bicknell's & Gray-cheeked before I call this a Swainson's Thrush. Not familiar with this area, but I know it's in range for all 3 species. (Grayish tail rules out Hermit).
  16. I think 2nd pic just seemed bigger in relation to the Killdeer.
  17. Thanks all, that follows along with what I was thinking, but wasn't sure. ? This was the pic of the day though:
  18. Taken Sunday near Sodus Point (Lake Ontario east of Rochester). I think the first pic is Yellow-rumped, 2nd pic Blackburnian? Not sure on the others.
  19. Can't figure out which warbler, profile shot & partial under tail shot. The Mergansers I think might be Common & Red-breasted (both female)?
  20. A few pics of a raptor, originally thought small Buteo, but in flight appears to be an Accipiter? (Pic with Am. Crows for size.) Looking to confirm Scarlet Tanager (first of the year - nothing like waiting to the last minute).
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