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  1. Dark image, seemed a little small for a Cooper's (possibly male?).
  2. Thinking white-rumped sandpipers (first 2 pics), Short-billed Dowitcher & WRSP (2nd 2 pics)?
  3. I took about 15 pics - all basically identical, with head tucked in. Here are a couple more.
  4. I'd lean towards Acadian, we have a few around NY nesting each year (Central/Western regions). The eye-ring does make me think more of a Least though.
  5. Taken 8/18/22 at Montezuma NWR NY. Think the 2 on the left are Least, not sure about the 2 on the right.
  6. That's what I was thinking, but Merlin sound ID came up with Least Flycatcher twice (no other birds were nearby). (?) I could have ID'd it's regular call, but it was just making the little pwit/pit call.
  7. Merlin app ID'd it by it's "chip" call as a Least?
  8. Thanks, I had 2 Least Bitterns (or saw the same one twice) nearby the day before and someone else reported 1 that day. Fortunately the others were a little more cooperative. ?
  9. Taken 7/30/22 near Savannah NY, had this mid-sized bird jump up into the cattails before getting a good look at it. Guess it's about Coot/Gallinule size, last pic is of it's foot as it leapt or flew deeper into marsh. Other bird possibly Warbling Vireo?
  10. Both birds? (first pic was of a different bird).
  11. Taken in Seneca Falls NY on 7/28/22. First pic is of a different bird than the other 2 pics.
  12. Don't think it's possible to be sure, but from general size of the bird, I would lean towards crow.
  13. Pretty sure this is a song sparrow.
  14. Not sure if this is a juvenile or which sparrow (Swamp?)
  15. Taken in central NY State (Montezuma NWR), not sure which thrush this is.
  16. Two more pics, but not much different from original.
  17. Yes, Black-crowned. Yellow-crowned would be much more rare & have a darker bill.
  18. Seems to yellow for a female Baltimore Oriole, possible Orchard?
  19. Herring Gulls (juvenile & adult)? (far from expert, wait for other input).
  20. Seen with a group of 10 Solitary (oxymoron?), Least, & a Lesser Yellowlegs.
  21. Thought this was a female/juvenile Bobolink, but colors seem off? (Poor, backlight photos).
  22. Also fairly bold/complete eye-ring looks good for Least (but I'm not familiar with Western Flycatchers).
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