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  1. I got a female bufflehead vibe, but lighting & head position aren't optimal.
  2. The pink legs are throwing me, appears to have adult plumage? (Shot with Herring Gull for size comparison).
  3. Possible House Sparrow? Just seems a little off.
  4. Thanks all, we get both (mostly Lesser) this time of the year. This one never turned towards me so I wasn't able to see the nail on the tip of the bill for an easier ID.
  5. Just for reference, here's a Northern Shrike (1/1/23) from Savannah NY, about 20 miles north of Lodi (NY).
  6. Not the best photos, wondering if possible to ID as Lesser or Greater?
  7. Just to add my 2 cents, I think it looks too white on the breast & bulky for either Peregrine or Harrier. I think it's a Buteo (Red-tailed or Ferruginous?).
  8. Thinking Common Merganser & not sure which Scaup (ignore Ruddy duck). Taken this morning on a dark & rainy day.
  9. Unsure about the Black-backed Gull in the foreground. Seems larger than Herring Gull in front of it, but lighter & smaller than the Great Black-black behind it?
  10. Juvy Red-tail, Northern Harriers (old name - Marsh Hawk) have a distinctive white rump patch that would show in the last pic.
  11. Definitely Yellow-rumped Warblers (Audubon sub-species if yellow throat, Myrtle sub-species if all white throat. Here are some pics of a Pine Siskins for comparison.
  12. Here are a few more pics, basically the same view as it was a fly-over. (All the same bird, not sure why the last 2 pics seem to show a dark collar.)
  13. Hard to tell by the photo, but it looks like a dark eye?
  14. Never considered Pacific, although I believe there was one at this location (Sodus Point NY) last year. The shot was taken at sunrise so shadows can be a factor. I will try to post more photos of this bird if I can find them.
  15. Think it still has barring on it's tail, making it a juvenile Red-tail. (Also note whitish "backpack straps" on the back).
  16. Both Common & Red-throated were present, just not sure from this angle if this is a Red-throated?
  17. Thanks for confirming! New bird for my regional list - not as easy to ID as they are in breeding plumage! (Pic from Colorado below).
  18. Looks good for Cackling (bird on left).
  19. Taken on Cayuga Lake (Finger Lakes region NY) 11/20/22. Horned Grebes are fairly common, but an Eared Grebe was also reported over the last few days. Hoping for an identifiable pic from these very distant shots (suspect first pic is a Horned Grebe).
  20. Thanks, the reason I was checking is there was a Slaty-backed reported at the same location a few days ago. However this location usually gets a couple Lesser Black-backed each winter.
  21. Thanks for the reply, what details tell it's a Lesser Black-backed instead of Slaty-backed? Even looking at Sibley's I don't really see much difference (except for the legs, and a couple inches in size).
  22. Thinking Great Black-backed or Herring for the juvenile, and either Lesser Black-backed or Slaty-backed for the other gull?
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