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  1. Thanks, painted buntings (I've seen many down south/out west) would be very rare. There were both Indigo Buntings & House Finches, along with about 50 other species at this one spot. Just thought I'd try for an ID ?
  2. Taken near Seneca Fall NY, seemed a little large for Bonaparte's.
  3. Very back-lit photos, wondering if possible to ID?
  4. Warbling Vireo, Philly would have a bright yellow throat.
  5. Taken at Montezuma NWR this morning. Dunlin in last pic for size comparison.
  6. Taken near Seneca Falls NY on 5/22/22, thinking Common Tern?
  7. The yellow underneath is throwing me off. First thought possible Philadelphia, but throat looks too white?
  8. Wait for other comments, but eye-ring looks good for Least.
  9. Ovenbird! Nice pic. (type of Warbler).
  10. Distant/overcast pics of a couple dowitchers. Wondering if possible to tell if Long-billed (LBDO were reported here a day or 2 ago). Thanks.
  11. First bird (2 pics) I thought was a Veery, but thinking maybe Swainson's? Last pic I thought was the Eastern Wood-Pewee that was singing, but is pic of an Empid instead?
  12. Thanks, I thought it might be (but not familiar with this angle & it wouldn't pose for a profile shot)!
  13. Taken this morning, not sure what it is (Warbler?) All 3 pics same bird. Thanks for any help.
  14. I think the bent neck may have fooled Merlin? BCNH are much more stocky than AMBI.
  15. Taken today, out-of-focus shots of a female oriole, not sure if Baltimore or Orchard. 3rd pic I'm not sure what it is (Pipit?)
  16. Nashville! (I think, not familiar with western warblers).
  17. Might help if you have a pic of the side profile (specifically the face). I think it's a Blue-winged Warbler, but I'm not sure.
  18. Taken on 5/7/22 at Montezuma NWR NY, mostly obscured, out-of-focus shots. Any chance of an ID? ?
  19. Thanks, I went back to same place today, no female but a male redhead was there. Makes it easier to ID when they stay together!
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