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  1. Taken today, out-of-focus shots of a female oriole, not sure if Baltimore or Orchard. 3rd pic I'm not sure what it is (Pipit?)
  2. Nashville! (I think, not familiar with western warblers).
  3. Might help if you have a pic of the side profile (specifically the face). I think it's a Blue-winged Warbler, but I'm not sure.
  4. Taken on 5/7/22 at Montezuma NWR NY, mostly obscured, out-of-focus shots. Any chance of an ID? ?
  5. Thanks, I went back to same place today, no female but a male redhead was there. Makes it easier to ID when they stay together!
  6. Female Yellow-rump look fairly drab except for yellow rump patch.
  7. Bump (again) can anyone confirm if Common or Forster's?
  8. Think this is a Tennessee, not sure with just underneath views.
  9. Bump, thinking Forster's (wouldn't Common be grayer on the body and shorter tail?) Also, both were reported recently at same location.
  10. Thanks, now I see a trace of yellow on the sides. Well that makes about 1001 for the day! ?
  11. Looks too brown with wrong eyeline for yellow-rump? (had lots of yellow-rumps there, this looks a lot different).
  12. Taken near Seneca Falls NY 5/2, not sure if all the same bird.
  13. Thinking Pine Warbler, taken near Seneca Falls NY 5/2. (May be 2 different birds)
  14. Taken 5/2 in Seneca falls NY, looks like an un-streaked Waterthrush?
  15. I'll go with wood stork - maybe it's the one we had here last summer? ?
  16. Taken a couple days ago - no idea what it is, poor quality pics.
  17. Possible crow with poop (guano) on it. Seen several like that, side affect of roosting in a tree with a 100 other crows. :)
  18. The bill length seems to point to Greater, but I'm getting a Lesser vibe from this bird (nothing around for a size comparison).
  19. Think this may be something other than a Herring Gull, but not much else is normally around this time of year?
  20. Tails didn't show any white & although the pics don't show it well, the top of the head seemed much lighter.
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