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  1. Could it be a Hairy? Bill looks a little long for Downy?
  2. Side note; Fish Crows seem to be expanding North, getting fairly common in central NY. I would hesitate to ID either American or Fish Crow without hearing them (although Fish Crows are suppose to run slightly smaller than American Crows). The pic below was definitely a Fish Crow by it's call, taken in Seneca Falls NY this Spring.
  3. Was acting like a Common Yellowthroat in a wooded area (Beechwood State Park). Not up on my Fall warblers, thanks for the help.
  4. Wondering if possible to ID these sandpipers and terns (note 2 sandpipers in first pic, one flying & the other on the right).
  5. Either Common or Forster's, either possible at this location? Would expect more gray underneath on a Common Tern?
  6. Okay, next guess: Painted Redstart? I had one North of McAllen a few years ago.
  7. Strikes me as Bewick's due to pale underneath, but I'm more familiar with Northern Carolina Wrens than Bewick's or Mexican subspecies.
  8. Large bird is a Willet, the peeps look like Least Sandpipers, but may have something else in the group pic?
  9. Thanks all, I had ruled out anything else other than Green Heron (of which I had several in the same location, only they were much more cooperative to photograph as you can see here) 🙂
  10. Very distant pics, hoping to confirm ID. Had several in the cattails about 1/4 mile away.
  11. Wondering if it's possible to ID these Dowitchers from these pics. Are they Short or Long-billed & Adult or juvenile? Thanks.
  12. Has 2 smaller terns with a group of Caspian's, not sure if possible to ID from these pics (very distant).
  13. Thanks, other birders at the location were debating BBPL vs. AMGP. I think the general opinion was BBPL, but I debated on the ID before I had submitted it. (Much easier when they are in breeding plumage!)
  14. I just got tagged by ebird on a wrong ID for Black-bellied Plover, they say is actually a Am. Golden Plover. This was 3 months ago (April 2023) at Parker River NWR Mass. My question is what features ID this as an AMGP? (my ID was from the white belly & heavier bill).
  15. YCNH are very rare in this area. I have seen a couple in the last 10 years (all juveniles) but I pretty much ruled them out (would have to have a much better pic to ID one anyway). The only other candidate I came up with would be American Bittern for pic #3.
  16. Pics 2,3, & 4 struck me as too light underneath for Green Herons? Any ideas on pic #3 (juvenile BCNH)?
  17. Question on 3 of these birds, adult Black-crowned Night-Heron in pics for size comparison. Thinking larger bird is juvenile BCNH? Hoping the smaller birds are Least bittern (2 different birds)? Apologize for the very distant pics. Thanks.
  18. I'm thinking the first pic top bird is a Semipalmated (lower 2 Least)? Second 2 pics, Least on left & Semi on right? (disregard Least in foreground). I know not to trust leg color, I've got pics where the all appear black.
  19. Initial impression was Cooper's Hawk? (Large raptor migration was occurring today).
  20. Just looked at the same question a couple posts down, they have a great comparison of the two. Thanks for the ID (now I just need to find a Swainson's for the year).
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