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  1. Obstructed views of what might be a Fox Sparrow? Central NY State 4/10/22.
  2. Appears lighter red than other Redhead, with odd band around the neck (sorry for the blurry pics).
  3. Not sure if they ever bred, but had a couple here for 2 or 3 years (no reports in last year or 2). Pic below is from Montezuma NWR.
  4. I've seen them in WY, SD, and even in central NY occasionally. Seems strange to find them on the Madison River in Yellowstone NP. ?
  5. Anything but Caspian or Common is fairly rare, a Royal was be extremely rare this far inland.
  6. Taken today in central NY, fairly sure it's a Caspian (first of the year for me).
  7. Rusty Blackbird, they were just coming thru in (relatively) large numbers in NY State last week or two. Still seeing them around.
  8. Thanks, usually don't have much trouble with Yellowlegs, but wasn't sure with these 3 birds. I included the GW Teal in the pic for size comparison. Need to go back into Ebird & update (Lesser were still listed as rare here, so I had put in Greater).
  9. Ironically, I just reported a Broad-wing that turned out to be a Red-shouldered (didn't realize that Broad-wings migrated so much later). (New York State). Note the "crescents" near the wing-tips, but both have very broad wings. ?
  10. Taken 3/24 in Central NY State, first 3 pics are the same bird, 2nd 3 pics are of 2 different birds (taken 3/26, same spot). Not sure if Lesser or Greater (both were reported at location).
  11. Taken as it flew by, wondering about distinctive white eyebrow? Juvenile male Red-winged Blackbird?
  12. Taken along the shore of Lake Ontario, central NY state.
  13. Taken today near Geneva NY. Pics of 2 gulls (juvenile Herring is just for size comparison).
  14. I was employing a method I just recently heard referred to as "spray & pray". I was with a group that had located it in a large distant flock on water and when the geese took off, I basically took as many pics of as many of them as possible. Fortunately there were only a thousand or so geese, not 10,000 like some flocks!
  15. Yes, it was spotted last night on Seneca Lake (Geneva, NY) and again this morning. Quite a few birders were there and found it, very far out in a raft of Snow Geese. I wasn't sure I had it (hard to tell from Blue Geese even with a scope). Had to search my pics of the flock as they took off to get any kind of picture.
  16. Yes there was a Tundra Bean-Goose reported, just wasn't sure if I actually got it. (Having never seen one before & it's not in my Sibley's, Peterson's, or Audubon Guides.)
  17. Seen in a flock of Snow Geese, not sure what it is (all dark bird, not a Blue Morph Snow Goose). Distant views, heavily cropped pic.
  18. Agree with Roughie, with that under-wing pattern. Here's a similar view I had last week, slightly lighter morph.
  19. Willet or won't it, I say Willet. ?
  20. From these photos, it appears a little too light gray for Lesser Black-back, but it's hard to judge light conditions from a photo.
  21. There have been a few Trumpeter in upstate (central) New York this year. They haven't normally been a "winter" bird, but their numbers are increasing in the East (many older Eastern Guides don't even list them). I was actually able to find all 3 species in a State Park yesterday (Geneva NY).
  22. I was checking out Great Black-backed Gulls on Ebird, some of their files pics show adult birds with pale yellowish legs? Wonder if it's a Breeding/Non-breeding trait?
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