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  1. Taken today in Geneva NY, looks like a Greater but with yellow legs. (One pic has regular pink-legged Great Black-back for comparison).
  2. My impression on Swamp-hens has been "a Gallinule on Steroids" (they seem bulkier than Purple/Common Gallinules).
  3. Just to be a fly in the ointment, we've been getting white-faced in central NY a couple times over the last few years. That being said, I've never ID'd a dark ibis in FL that wasn't a glossy.
  4. Rough-legged Hawk? I have no idea of their overseas range, but they cover most of the USA & Canada.
  5. Great! I'm 3 for 3! Well if not right at least I'm consistent. (FYI I rarely use the codes anyway, just trying to save typing.) ?
  6. I meant RBGU & GBBG, at least I got HEGU right. 1 out of 3.
  7. What Aidan B said; sorry for the confusion, around here the main gulls are HEGU, RIGU, & GBGU (great black-back, not sure of the code). Iceland & Glaucous are winter visitors and usually the only gulls with white primaries.
  8. Taken in central New York on 2/3/22. First 2 pics (same bird) think might be a Glaucous? (bi-colored bill, appears at least as large as Herring Gulls. Last pic bill looks like Iceland (all dark) but bird appears larger than Herring Gulls? (Threw in Wood Duck for good measure) ?
  9. I took these in central NY (Finger Lakes region) on 1/30/22. Wondering if Iceland, Glaucous, or both? Think 1st & 3rd pics the same bird?
  10. Looks like a Sharpie to me, but as I have posted so many "Sharpie or Coopers?" pics, by no means an expert. ?
  11. Bills look too large for Rusty Blackbird. Here's a pic I took this month of one (New York), I think more "rust" would show this time of year.
  12. Red-tailed Hawk, think it's a juvenile. A northern harrier juvenile would be very orange underneath (males turn gray, females stay brown on top, orange under with streaking). Nice Pic.
  13. Thanks to all, especially Boris & Natasha. ?
  14. After scanning through thousand plus Canada Geese, "just a Canada Goose" is appropriate ? Here are a couple more pics of the gull (not much better view though).
  15. Thinking this may be a Cackling? (or just a Lesser Canada?) and possible Iceland Gull. Taken in Geneva NY on 1/20/22.
  16. I agree with Just a House ? at least I don't have to change it in Ebird (but already had house for the year, still gotta find a purple. ? )
  17. Sibley's lists Canada Goose length as 25" to 45", so size can vary a great deal. (I'm an expert on finding small Canada Geese that are almost Cackling - but not quite. ? )
  18. Agreed, facial patterns on Peregrine & "backpack straps" on Red-tail are good indicators (FYI Red-tail appears to be juvenile, no red tail).
  19. Today at Montezuma NWR NY, thought House Finches at first, not sure after looking at the bill (heavily backlight, very grainy/dark pics).
  20. Fairly certain this time - not much bigger than a Merlin. Taken at Montezuma NWR NY today.
  21. Either a very light Herring or darkish Glaucous? (same bird in both pics)
  22. Taken this morning, didn't notice until I was checking pics. Coloration looks like Gadwall, but much smaller than other 2 Gadwall in frame?
  23. Taken at the Montezuma Audubon center in Savannah NY (central NY) today. Think it's a House Finch (female) & Sharp-Shinned. Ignore Goldfinches & House Sparrow. ?
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