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  1. Can't be positive from this view, but most likely Black-capped Chickadee (Carolina or Boreal would be very rare).
  2. Same thought, mantle looks too light for Great BB, IMO Lesser Black-back Gull.
  3. Bump - still looking for any ideas on 2nd pic (sitting gull) possible lesser/great black-back?
  4. In a mixed flock of Horned Larks & Snow Buntings I picked out a couple I'm not sure of. Only able to use manual focus so images aren't very clear. First pic referring to bird in the center, 2nd two pics (same bird) to the right of snow bunting.
  5. The first pic I think are 2 Iceland Gulls (left one sitting, right one standing). Not sure which Black-back is in the 2nd pic.
  6. Thanks, just goes to show you, pay attention to your surroundings. ๐Ÿ™‚ Same thing happened to me last week, going through sparrow photos & a Red-winged Blackbird shows up in one of the frames.
  7. I was taking pics (after sunset) of the Long-tailed Ducks. Didn't notice the Loon until I got the pic on the computer. Any way to tell if it's Common or Red-throated? (Leaning towards Common, any other than COLO/RTLO would be rare).
  8. Thanks all, the 1st bird I had listed as Cackling (Ebird) and the 2nd as Canada/Cackling so think I'll leave it at that. This was my first Cackling for the year, along with Pied-billed Grebe & Rough-legged Hawk for Feb 1. Not sure what this weekend will bring, 45ยบ today, -8ยบ tomorrow night?
  9. 2 different birds, wondering if 1 or both would be considered Cackling Geese?
  10. Was wondering about this male Hooded Merganser (odd coloration) and the lone female, whether Common or Red-breasted?
  11. Wondering about Sibley's saying coarse, brown streaks for Sharpie, and thin, dark streaks for Cooper's.
  12. I thought this was a Cooper's Hawk, but per Sibley's Sharp-shinned juveniles have broad, brownish streaking. That has me questioning my ID.
  13. Here's a heavily cropped pic, bill is more like a snow goose. Thinking ross x snow hybrid or Lesser Snow Goose?
  14. If you can't tell which one I'm referring to, it probably isn't a Ross's. ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. Had a question about this bird. The crop looks very full, or could it be a defect? The bird was sitting on this wire for over an hour (at least) and failed to move even when I was within 20' of it (unable to avoid getting that close).
  16. I had just seen a Merlin about 1/2 mile before seeing this bird, but on the computer this just didn't quite look the same. Of course both Merlin & Peregrine are relatively common for this area, making it harder to rule out either one.
  17. Very distant shots on a dark, cloudy day. Wondering if possible to ID (first thought was a Merlin, now not sure).
  18. I got a female bufflehead vibe, but lighting & head position aren't optimal.
  19. The pink legs are throwing me, appears to have adult plumage? (Shot with Herring Gull for size comparison).
  20. Thanks all, we get both (mostly Lesser) this time of the year. This one never turned towards me so I wasn't able to see the nail on the tip of the bill for an easier ID.
  21. Just for reference, here's a Northern Shrike (1/1/23) from Savannah NY, about 20 miles north of Lodi (NY).
  22. Not the best photos, wondering if possible to ID as Lesser or Greater?
  23. Just to add my 2 cents, I think it looks too white on the breast & bulky for either Peregrine or Harrier. I think it's a Buteo (Red-tailed or Ferruginous?).
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